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What’s a podcast…?

So I was down at Anime Weekend Atlanta (or just “AWA”) this past weekend doing all sorts of wonderfully nerdy things with a whole bunch of seemingly-equally-nerdy people. Saturday afternoon I happened upon a couple DBZ cosplayers, and felt obligated to take a few photos. Here’s the first one I snagged (off the ol’ iPhone):

DBZ Cosplayers at Anime Weekend Atlanta 2008

After I took a couple pictures, I started up a little conversation with them, and found out there was going to be a larger gathering of DBZ cosplayers at 12:30 pm. Awesome! Not only people of my own kind, but multiple super-nerdy people of my own kind! Once we got a little dialogue going, I figured it was as good a time as any to mention the website. I asked if it was OK to put the image up on my site, and then if they had ever checked out the DBZ podcast that we do.

Yajirobe (the one on the far left) stared at me blankly for about four/five seconds, and then replied, “What’s a podcast…?”

As the guys over at GeekNights have said time and time again, it’s all well and good that we are trying to get other podcast listeners to check out our own shows, but what we really need is for more people in general to listen to podcasts in general… not specifically our own shows. If they don’t even know what the word means, how on Earth are we to expect them to listen to our piddly shows?

What came next was the real killer. After briefly explaining that we do this cool show every week talking about what’s going on with news, in-depth topics about the series, etc., the same guy blankly stared at me again for a couple seconds and replied, “Well, I’m not that big a fan…”

I did everything I could to hold myself back from saying, “BUT YOU’RE $%#@ING COSPLAYING GOD-DAMNED YAJIROBE~!!!!1”

360 Woes: Update #4

Holy crap! I checked early this afternoon, and Microsoft’s customer service / repair site said they hadn’t even received my console yet. Log in tonight, and what do I see? Completely skipped step #3 (“Device received at service center”), and went right to step #4 (“Device shipped to customer”).

This is either a wonderful or a terrible thing.

Heading down to Atlanta for AWA tomorrow. Check you funky people there… uhh… if you’ll be there.

General Maintenance

Learning a little bit more about how WordPress actually works and farting around with some themes. The blog may continue to look completely different every single time you come (unless you’re getting it through something like Google Reader), so please excuse my breaking the code every so often.

If you’ve subscribed to the feed for the podcast, you may have noticed something other than the first podcast episode appearing in the feed. Do you have any recommendations on how I may be able to link to an audio file within a regular blog post (such as in the “Top 10 Pokemon” post) without it actually showing up as an “episode” in the podcast feed? Any types of special “exclude” linkings?

The web of today is so different than how I first got into it… it still remains so exciting to me, but it’s just as frustrating in a whole bunch of different ways!

360 Woes: Update #3

Before I get into the meat of this post, please note that when episode three of the podcast first went up, it accidentally had a random 10 seconds of silence before we read e-mails. It was corrected and reuploaded within half-an-hour of its initial posting, so in case you’re looking for a fixed version… it’s up there, now.

So last week I (finally) received the empty box to send back my 360 for repairs (read here and here for more info). In case you haven’t (yet) gone through the process of needing to send back your system, I figured I’d document my own and allow you to live vicariously through me. Don’t get cocky, though… if you have a 360, you’ll eventually be sending it back for one reason or another…!

The box it comes in is a rather plain, white, standard ol’ box. I actually wasn’t even sure it was the right box. I don’t know what I was expecting… I guess something that would hold a lot more cushioning…?

Xbox 360 Repair Box Picture 1

When you open it up, you get some pretty dummy-proof instructions, a plastic bag to put the system into, a styrofoam holder for the console, a return label to place over top of the one that was used to ship it to you, and a piece of packing tape to seal the box back up with. I should point out that customer service explicitly told me to tape a piece of paper with my name, address, and repair number to the system itself, while the included instructions made absolutely no mention of this.

Xbox 360 Repair Box Picture 2

Again, I was rather unsure about the contents, since the box was so small. I was honestly shocked to see that I was going to pack up such a clearly-volatile system with just these little foam inserts. No additional packing-peanuts, or anything like that. Huh.

Xbox 360 Repair Box Picture 3

When it’s all packed up, it is indeed rather snug. I can’t see this compensating for UPS guys tossing boxes around, though, and being that I’m actually PAYING for my repair (no red rings for lucky ol’ me!), I was hoping for something like… oh, I dunno… better packing to keep the system from falling apart to and fro.

Xbox 360 Repair Box Picture 4

Sent my system back last Thursday, and according to the customer service area of, they still have not received it. Grr. I knew that if I was going to have system problems, it would be during the release of a game I’m dying to play (Rock Band 2).

In conclusion, Tara was very upset that she was late to the recording session. She was all prepared, and everything. Unfortunately, it was complete, and we were no longer accepting recorded material for the show.

Tara wants to record a podcast

Better luck next time, babe.

Podcast Episode 001: Time and Project Management

(or lack there-of)

That’s right, I’m doing a third podcast (#1: Daizenshuu EX, #2:, #3 this one). As you’ll hear on the show, this is going to be about whatever I want it to be about, whenever I want to do it, and whoever I want to do it with. I have a bunch of random topics flying around in my head that I would absolutely love to talk out with friends, and this gives me an excuse to get them over here for said topical discussions.

For this first episode, I decided that Jeff (a familiar voice to those who follow anything else I do) would be a great guy to have on. We talked about how we manage to accomplish all these various things in life… things like going to work, paying bills, going out for a walk, and all those extra nerdy things in between.

I don’t really have a whole Hell of a lot to say about it. If you’re here reading this (and listening to the episode), there’s a good chance you already know who I am and have at least a quasi-stalker-ish interest in following the things I do. If you don’t already know me…? Well, I don’t know what to tell you. I’m the most bad-ass person on the planet, and you’ll be a fan immediately. I think.

Conversation 003: Peripherals & The Top Ten Peripheral-Based Games

Here we are with episode three of the podcast! It’s somewhat strange that episode two went up right before an anime convention, and here we are ready to take off to Anime Weekend Atlanta this week and the podcast is done…

This time around we wanted to talk about peripherals and peripheral-based gaming. Whether it’s the NES Zapper or even all the way through today with the various music games, peripherals have certainly evolved over time. What were some of our favorite ones, and how did they change the industry (if at all)?

In addition to all that, be sure to also read along with our Top 10 Peripheral-Based Games. It’s an interesting list, and probably includes a couple games you had either forgotten about, or WANTED to forget about!

We brought on our buddy Bryce this show to talk things out with us. He’s actually over at Otaku Generation every week doing that podcast, so if you like what he has to say, be sure to check him out over there. We’ll definitely have him back on in the future.


That’s it for us this time around. I’ve personally got a wedding to attend next month (that being my own), so we’ll try to figure out exactly how we’re going to handle the next episode. Maybe it’ll be a short episode, maybe it’ll be even longer… who knows?! Until then, enjoy this episode, and we’ll catch you soon for some more regular blog posts.

Cheap Shopping At Target

I love good deals. I can’t pass them up! It’s one of my biggest faults… err… weaknesses… no, wait…

So the back corner of my local Target has a shelf where they throw all of their clearance electronics, which also includes video games. I’ve picked up a couple good things here and there (like some Lego Star Wars game on 360 that I’ll probably never play for ~$5), and always make a point to head back there when we find ourselves at the store (which, honestly, feels like every other day).

The picture kinda sucks, but that is Final Fantasy XII for the PS2 running a nice $9.98. I picked up the “Collector’s Edition” version a couple years back at the GameStop “Game Daze” sale for about $20, I think. If I didn’t already have it, I probably would have grabbed it today. Never played it, though 😛

Here’s a pretty good one. $3 off the standard $20 “Greatest Hits” is a nice little extra bonus. I picked up the first God of War game at Target for $15 on a similar sale a while back, and it’s another one I haven’t played :P.

That reminds me… I still need to post up that Top 10 list of PS2 games I own and haven’t played…

So while I didn’t actually pick up either of those two, I did grab NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams on the Wii. It was sitting on the shelf there a few weeks back for $35, but I checked Amazon on the iPhone and saw it was selling there for $30, so I passed it by. Today it was down to $25, so I picked it up.

We’re recording episode three later today…!

360 Woes: Update #2

So while I was picking Jeff up at the train station today, I received a voice message from “Joe” at Xbox customer support telling me that there was a problem with getting the box out to me, and that I would need to call them back to iron out these difficulties. Being that it’s been a whole week without the box showing up, I was more than happy to figure out what was going on.

Before I go any further, please know that I’m not trying to be a discriminatory asshat. I just kinda like it when I can understand what the bloody Hell these people are trying to say to me or ask of me.

The first guy I got was more or less incomprehensible, but after giving him my status number out of desperation for some type of common communication, he transferred me over to a supervisor for some reason or another. I believe this guy’s name was “Devon” (probably wrong on that), but I have to say… he was completely friendly, laid back, and an all-around nice guy. And he spoke English properly, so that was a plus. While we sorted things out we talked about our upcoming weddings, honeymoon plans, etc. Good times.

Turns out UPS couldn’t understand our address. Yes, you just read that properly. In all fairness, we don’t have what appears to be a normal “street address”, but it’s an actual address none-the-less that every other mail-delivery-system (USPS, FedEx, DHL, etc.) can seem to handle. I switched over the shipping info to the future in-laws’ place, and that should take care of things for now.

I just want my damn system back in time for Rock Band 2

Probably going to record episode three of the podcast next week…!

Wait, wait… screw all that! Super Mario RPG is out on the American Virtual Console, now! Time to clean out the fridge, again…!

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