Podcast Episode 001: Time and Project Management

(or lack there-of)

That’s right, I’m doing a third podcast (#1: Daizenshuu EX, #2: vgconvos.com, #3 this one). As you’ll hear on the show, this is going to be about whatever I want it to be about, whenever I want to do it, and whoever I want to do it with. I have a bunch of random topics flying around in my head that I would absolutely love to talk out with friends, and this gives me an excuse to get them over here for said topical discussions.

For this first episode, I decided that Jeff (a familiar voice to those who follow anything else I do) would be a great guy to have on. We talked about how we manage to accomplish all these various things in life… things like going to work, paying bills, going out for a walk, and all those extra nerdy things in between.

I don’t really have a whole Hell of a lot to say about it. If you’re here reading this (and listening to the episode), there’s a good chance you already know who I am and have at least a quasi-stalker-ish interest in following the things I do. If you don’t already know me…? Well, I don’t know what to tell you. I’m the most bad-ass person on the planet, and you’ll be a fan immediately. I think.





9 responses to “Podcast Episode 001: Time and Project Management”

  1. DesireCampbell Avatar

    So… many… podcasts…

  2. Albert Avatar

    A third podcast??…..Mike……..you, sir, are out of control.

  3. Timo Avatar

    It’s time for VegettoEX action figures! 😀

  4. Rachel Avatar

    Oh cool! A new podcast. Jeez, I don’t know if my mp3 player can take much more of this.

    But I liked the two songs that were in the episode. What were they?

  5. Moonstone Avatar

    I find this to be my favorite of the three(!!) podcasts you run. I love hearing genuine discussions on personal topics. Maybe it’s because I’m more of a 1-on-1 guy. Regardless, I found this to be highly entertaining and enlightening. It’s great hearing your thoughts on topics other than Dragon Ball and video games. Keep up the phenomenal work, and I’ll keep on comin’ back!

  6. Kevin Leaver Avatar
    Kevin Leaver

    I looked up Informatics for ya. Informatics is the science of information, the practice of information processing, and the engineering of information systems. Informatics studies the structure, algorithms, behaviour, and interactions of natural and artificial systems that store, process, access and communicate information. It also develops its own conceptual and theoretical foundations and utilizes foundations developed in other fields. Not sure if that helps I am not sure what this means either so good luck lol.

  7. Steve Roderick Avatar

    Dude no matter how manby podcast’s you make

    they are always good.

    well atleast it always keeps me interested.

  8. John Avatar

    hey mike third luck the charm LOL I like the podcast man get to know u and jeff better well my iPhone about to die and I’m in Atlanta for AWA weekend so hope to see u there

  9. CAEJones Avatar

    When I first listened to this, I had about a million things to say… then I went to eat, and somewhere in there my insermountable enthusiasm went the way of the Guldo. Odds are I would have just sent a mildly annoying retelling of my life’s story in which I forgot how that tied into the topic in the first place. ^_^.
    No, really, the content of this podcast totally explains my life. Ur… except for the part where I’ve gone from trying to avoid telling people a lot about myself to now looking for an opportunity to tell everyone everything this year… :-/ … I think I’ve lost my mind. So I’ll try to find it with more VegettoEX awesomeness.

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