I’m Mike. I run Kanzenshuu with some good friends. The website you are on right now is VegettoEX Dot Com, which should not be confused with VegettoEX’s Home Page.

(You can count the number of people who will understand that reference on one hand. Anyway…)

Every few years I fancy myself a writer, and I look for another outlet and various ways to get that out of my system. I suppose this website (dare I say “blog”) is my place to do just that:

  • You’ll find a bunch of new and old video game writing; I’ve never formally been a part of that field professionally, and probably never will be, but if you’re a dude on the Internet with a blog you probably play video games, right?
  • I’ve been podcasting since 2005. It’s a thing I know well, love, and I think I have worthwhile things to say about it.
  • I’ve been running websites and online communities since 1998. It’s another area where I think I have worthwhile things to share. You may… uhh… wildly disagree with me on this one.
  • There are spans of entire years that go by without new posts here. It can’t be helped.

So thanks for visiting, reading, listening, or whatever it is that you’re doing here. Hit me up further on: