When a man can’t even spend his Virtual Space Money, all he can do is blog.

Wow! Thanks for the overwhelmingly positive response to the first episode of our podcast, everyone! That really makes me look even more forward to recording and releasing the second episode. Until then, look forward to some regular blog postings (kinda like this one), and maybe even a couple other special things here and there.

Speaking of podcasts, our addition to the iTunes Store was certainly quick. It should be searchable in the iTunes Store within a day or so, but until then, you can access us directly where you can do the one-click subscription. We have all sorts of subscription information over on our “Podcasts” page. Remember that you don’t need to have an iPod (or any portable music device) to check out our show. You can download the episodes and listen in anything like WinAmp or even Windows Media Player; they’re just straight-up MP3 files!

So today I finally became one of the fabeled “geeks and otaku”. That’s right, I ran out of storage space on my Wii. Thanks to some birthday VIrtual Space Money from a certain Mr. Deluxe, I decided to go on a mini-spending-spree in the Wii Shop Channel. Much to my dismay, I could not so much as download an SNES game without making room. The “Mario Kart Channel” was the first to go, followed by the “Internet Channel” (seriously, is anyone using either of those?). I wanted to delete the “Photo Channel”, but I have a sneaking suspision that I have to download the updated version from the store before I can see it for deletion in the memory management. Once space was made, in came some Devil’s Crush, Metroid, and Super Metroid… the middle-which of said games being the only one I’ve ever owned and/or played. I know, I’m terrible. Never played Super Metroid. I’ll get right on that. Eventually.

How many of you are running into this problem, though? Or is it not even a problem for you? I really want to check out Lost Winds, as well… but that’s not happening any time soon unless Nintendo has some sort of announcement around the corner. We’re all on pins-and-needles since Activision formally announced full downoadable content for the Wii version of Guitar Hero: World Tour, supposedly making use of the SD Card slot. For goodness sake, can I please toss some of these useless channels over there so I can spend my money with you? Seriously. I have Wii points to spend. They’re sitting right there. I’ll even spend more to add more points if you just let me keep everything I download all in once place. That’s the whole beauty and convenience of it.

I know, that’s a pretty broken-record tirade, so I’ll leave you with the following:

Mike Consoles - July 2008

Yep, the PlayStation 3 has joined the family. Had to get a component-input-switcher to have everything play nice and be hooked up at once. Big special thanks to an awesome buddy out in California. You rock, man. Was doing some Remote Play with DragonBall: Final Bout, and reminded myself how terrible it is :P.





5 responses to “When a man can’t even spend his Virtual Space Money, all he can do is blog.”

  1. Jamaal Avatar

    I’d like to say that I use the Internet channel all the time. In fact, I’m using it right now! It’s really the only option I have since I my computer died. If it had a better version of flash it’d be perfect. Also, I haven’t played Super Metroid either!

    Final note: Absolutely loved the first episode of the podcast and I can’t wait for more!

  2. Castor Troy Avatar

    The PS3 definitely looks great there 😀

  3. LSSJ4 Avatar

    Congrats, the PS3 is a great system. Even though people say that the PS3’s scarce title phase is over, I still don’t find many games that are worth the system’s purchase. IMO, games like MGS4…….and….I have no clue or maybe I haven’t been paying attention. I’m not bashing the PS3 at all, I own it and love it. MGS4 is awesome. Everyone should totally get it.

    Yes, Final Bout is very, very terrible. The PSP doesn’t help.

  4. ss2hulk Avatar

    Damn you! I wish I had a Playdia! I envy you.

  5. Taku128 Avatar

    I’m a bit late to comment on this, haven’t visited the site since the release of the first podcast episode.

    I ran out of memeory on my Wii a few months ago. I have about ten or fifteen VC games on my SD card, as well as all my Brawl screenshots, replays, and custom stages. Nintendo needs to hurry up and release a hard drive, or atleast add USB HDD support though a firmware update.

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