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Consolidating Old Websites

Whoops, better not let two years go by without posting something on a personal site that no-one actually views.

(Well, that’s not true. My “WHAT IS A CANNON” and Bardock posts actually still get lots of traffic.)

Anyway, I’m just consolidating things over here. There’s no “front page” anymore on and will soon just resolve over here. Speaking of which, “vgconvos” was a fun little experiment and could have made a lot more sense if we all still lived really super close by each other and weren’t all married off and starting families. Video games were never the number-one hobby for any of us, so yeah. Makes sense to just let it be a fun memory of a cool thing we tried.

I’m porting all of my own blog entries from said video game site over here to a “vgconvos” category since I did actually like some of what I wrote. Who knows? Maybe having everything tossed together in one place here will make it easier for me to type something up if I really feel like it.

I also think an updated “My Podcasting Setup ~2014ver.~” post is long overdue. But that has nothing to do with video games. Except I never get around to writing it because I’m playing video games.

Quick Plug: lo-fidelity episode 20

We typically don’t plug things on our other websites unless they warrant it, and this is one of those cases.

Jeff and I do a bi-weekly podcast called lo-fidelity where we review music, discuss music, give a top five every week, etc. It’s a really good show, and I encourage all of you to check it out. It’s understandable if that’s not your thing, though… but you still might want to check out episode 20. We reviewed the new album, Dawn Metropolis, by Anamanaguchi. They are what would be considered a “chip-tune” band; that is, they use hacked NES hardware (and a Game Boy in one track) to create new music. We also interviewed Peter Berkman from the band. We wrapped up the episode with our top five video game songs.

So go on, video game music lovers. Until we get our shiz back in order and all three get together in the same room with microphones again, check out episode 20 of lo-fidelity and indulge in a little gaming love in podcast form.

Top 10 PS2 Games I Own And Have Never Played

I promised this way back on episode two of the podcast, and haven’t gotten around to tossing it together until today. I have finally put up my “Top 10 PS2 Games I Own And Have Never Played” over in the Top 10 Games section. I was thinking about also doing a similar list for the DS soon, too (though it might be a Top 5). How about you all? Got any large collections with stuff you haven’t touched?

Website, Podcast, & Future Plans

I would feel guilty about writing a non-content post like this if I hadn’t just written a pretty decent one yesterday… ^_~. I definitely wanted to get some thoughts out there, because I believe it is extremely important to be transparent and open with how projects are going. If you are here and reading, you probably care and probably want to know… right?

This is one of my favorite parts of having this site around, and is something I had wanted to do for years (being that I wanted to just have a regular ol’ gaming blog). While this site was launched as a combination blog/podcast offering, I think it is very important to have both and I try to put just as much preparation and effort into one as I do the other. Blog entries are also things I can do from work, from home, while on the road… Sure, this is all obvious stuff, but I also think it’s worth actually saying (typing?) aloud to re-enforce that it’s available to me whenever, and I can, should, and will have fun doing it!

As the e-mails and blog comments have indicated, some of you are wondering when the next podcast is coming out. That’s a good question! The holiday season, traveling, etc. ended up killing off the December show, and now we are coming to the end of January. D’oh! Back when I was a much younger Mike running websites as a teenager, a two month period seemed like an absolute eternity. Now-a-days (especially in the midst of a house purchase), two months goes by like… well… picture me snapping my fingers here. There ya’ go. Just like that. I’m not sure that our plans for December’s/January’s episode even make sense any more (a reflection back on 1998’s games… ya’ know, looking back at ten years ago) simply because now we’re into 2009, and Retronauts ended up getting out an episode on it, themselves. We have plenty of topics we have tossed around to each other (Jeff is dying to do a show about game soundtracks), but is there anything in particular you would like to hear the group discuss?

Speaking of which, does the format of the show interest you? Don’t take that question as meaning that I don’t like it; I’m actually pretty indifferent about the format of the show. I personally love topical discussions, and so that (by default) ended up being part of the show. The standard “Hey, let’s talk about the games we’re all playing!” is pretty standard on every single gaming podcast, but I find myself enjoying that part of every show (both my own and other shows that I listen to). I think it’s safe to say that this will always be in there, but how do you feel about it? Since we aim(ed) to have a monthly show, we were shooting for a 90-120 minute length of the show). How about that? Do you want longer or shorter? Hopefully not longer…!

I guess you could also call this “layout”. Something I’ve been wanting to do for a while is move away from the we-clearly-adapted-the-default-WordPress-theme for a design of the site. I really like the custom theme I incorporated over into my personal blog. You can see that I have a thing for individual entries having their own surrounding “block”, and I’ve always wanted to get rid of a sidebar and drive all navigation up top. If I can swing some free time, you may see me experimenting with the look of the site. Do not be alarmed. Do not adjust your television sets.

So that’s that, now you know, and knowledge is power.

General Thoughts and Updates

So apparently the Master System version of Sonic the Hedgehog 2 is available on Virtual Console today.  As you may know, the Genesis/MegaDrive version is one of my favorite games of all time. If I understand correctly, the Master System “port” is a similar game, and has different level designs (but is still overall Sonic 2 just like its older cousin). Convince me on this. I purchased the Mega Drive version of the first Sonic game, and while it was interesting to check out (and a relative bargain at $5), it suffered from a lot of problems that make me not want to revisit it all that much. How about the Master System version of Sonic 2? If I get it, it probably won’t be until the new year (hoping I’ll get some point cards to spend!). I know some foreign folks out there have a very different perspective on the Master System, so I am curious as to what they have to say.

Also, we seem to have solidified our topic for episode six of the podcast. Actually, I’m not sure if Jeff has heard, but everyone else knows! Someone else (new to this show) will be joining us for this particular episode, though it should be a familiar voice for listeners following along from other shows. I am really looking forward to this one! Hopefully we can record it around two weeks from now and get it out by the end of the month.

Looks like I forgot to do a page for the Top 10 list from our last podcast episode (guest appearances). I will get right on that!

Check everyone later~

Video Game References At A Wedding

So I’m back and married, now. Woo-hoo! Leaving again for Barcelona in a couple days to go on a cruise! Woo-hoo!

I’m not here to just go on and on about the wedding. You don’t care about that (most likely). You care about video games; that’s why you’re reading this (most likely). What I’m trying to say is that I’m here to talk about both the wedding, and the video game references there-in.

The wedding was pretty “traditional” overall, with no obvious, strange things pointing to the contrary. Being who we are, though, we weren’t about to pass up the chance to slip little things into the ceremony and reception that key friends (and maybe family) would understand and see the meaning in.

The first video game reference we had was actually our recessional music (the song played as we walked out of the actual marriage ceremony after being pronounced husband and wife). The song choice? The Final FantasyPrologue“, and specifically the version from Celtic Moon. I actually cut the very beginning (our wedding version begins right where the main tune normally starts), and sped it up about five percent. It was absolutely wonderful.

The second (and probably final) video game reference was our cake-cutting music. The traditional songs are usually dumb ones like “Pour Some Sugar On Me“, or otherwise totally inappropriate songs that vaguely reference sugar or something sweet. Our choice? C’mon. Video game. Cake. Sense of humor. Do the math.

That’s right, “Still Alive” (from Portal) was our cake-cutting music. We didn’t use either the GLaDOS or Jonathan Coulton versions, though. We actually used a piano version by Jarrett Heathe (you can download the MP3 we used on their YouTube entry for the song). What made it all the more amazing was about halfway through when all of our friends in the back starting singing the lyrics along with the song, much to the confusion of the rest of our attendees. Apparently our DJ came up to them afterwards and was all, “Wait, there are lyrics to this song? What is it? Huh?”

At the end of the day, what I am actually trying to stress and say with this entry is that you can do these types of things on your special day, and pull them off respectfully. Unless anyone knew any better, both of those songs were just that… songs. They were beautiful pieces that fit the mood perfectly, and are easily forgettable at the same time as just regular ol’ classical-style songs that were played at a wedding.

But to us they held deeper meanings, let us express ourselves, and we were able to share those connections with those who understood us. It’s something I’ve talked about elsewhere, but the concept of simply passing for normal productive members of society is incredibly important… that doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t slip in those little pieces of your nerd life!

Posting from an iPhone app…?!

Just testing out the iPhone app to allow me to post to the blog wherever I am. I gotta say, this is pretty sweet.

To give you some actual gaming related content, I learned today that Shining Force CD is actually an enhanced remake of the first two Shining Force: Gaiden games on Game Gear. Huh. Learn something new everyday.

Anyone wanna send me their Sega CD that they’re not using anymore? I never did get around to picking one up… the 32X sure wouldn’t mind the company…

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