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So apparently the Master System version of Sonic the Hedgehog 2 is available on Virtual Console today.  As you may know, the Genesis/MegaDrive version is one of my favorite games of all time. If I understand correctly, the Master System “port” is a similar game, and has different level designs (but is still overall Sonic 2 just like its older cousin). Convince me on this. I purchased the Mega Drive version of the first Sonic game, and while it was interesting to check out (and a relative bargain at $5), it suffered from a lot of problems that make me not want to revisit it all that much. How about the Master System version of Sonic 2? If I get it, it probably won’t be until the new year (hoping I’ll get some point cards to spend!). I know some foreign folks out there have a very different perspective on the Master System, so I am curious as to what they have to say.

Also, we seem to have solidified our topic for episode six of the podcast. Actually, I’m not sure if Jeff has heard, but everyone else knows! Someone else (new to this show) will be joining us for this particular episode, though it should be a familiar voice for listeners following along from other shows. I am really looking forward to this one! Hopefully we can record it around two weeks from now and get it out by the end of the month.

Looks like I forgot to do a page for the Top 10 list from our last podcast episode (guest appearances). I will get right on that!

Check everyone later~





4 responses to “General Thoughts and Updates”

  1. Forgotten Hero Avatar

    Oh! I have a feeling on who it may be…

  2. Jamaal Avatar

    Don’t do it! Sonic 2 master system version is a VERY different game and really hard for all the wrong reasons. Stick with your memories of Sonic 2 on the Genesis.

  3. Captain Awesome Avatar
    Captain Awesome

    I still have horrible memories of going to a friends house one weekend when I was a kid after he told me he got a “Sega” and “Sonic 2” expecting to have a great time showing him how much better I was at the game than he was.

    I remember feeling bad for him because he had a master system also I remember wanting to go home after giving up on a crappy game.

  4. Timo Avatar

    Like I said, I don’t like Sonic 2 on Mega Drive/Genesis, but the Master System version is REALLY bad!
    Insteadt of this, you should play Sonic Chaos/Sonic & Tails.

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