No Registration Needed! Need To Be Registered!

I saw this posted up at the library today and chuckled quite a bit:

What I’m pretty sure they are saying is that there is no extra registration necessary for their little Guitar Hero competition, but anyone who wants to complete must already be a pre-existing, registered member of their “Summer Reading” program.

What are your thoughts on forcing these teens to be members of the “Summer Reading” program before they can even participate in the video game competition? It seems to me that they would not even know about it unless they visited the library to see the poster in the first place, though it is possible that they heard about it from a friend, saw it on a website, etc. In any case, the library has most likely already accomplished their main goal of getting the kids to come to the building in the first place (the same way retail establishments get you into the store with giveaways or sales in hopes you will purchase something else), so why burden them with extra restrictions? Sure, some kids will show up just to play the game and ignore all the lovely books and the fascinating learning establishment that encompasses them, but is it that big of a deal? Maybe there have been issues in the past with random hooligan kids, but even random hooligan kids should have a chance to walk past some books…!






3 responses to “No Registration Needed! Need To Be Registered!”

  1. Tekkaman-James Avatar

    What I really want to know is; how big of a chocolate bar are we talking about here? ^_^

  2. Blue Avatar

    What’s stopping them from registering, entering the competition and then not go for the rest of it? FUCK DA SYSTEM.

  3. Jacob (YBM) Avatar

    This is the same library that doesn’t carry One Piece, therefore I am not totally surprised. :p

    On the otherhand, it might likely be hooligans. I know these days I see all of the teenagers hanging out at the library or outside of it. Seriously, goth/punk-types…hanging out at a library. I had no idea that was in style. Hell, they did the same thing at my school library.

    Man, the television shows sure do get it wrong…

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