Consolidating Old Websites

Whoops, better not let two years go by without posting something on a personal site that no-one actually views.

(Well, that’s not true. My “WHAT IS A CANNON” and Bardock posts actually still get lots of traffic.)

Anyway, I’m just consolidating things over here. There’s no “front page” anymore on and will soon just resolve over here. Speaking of which, “vgconvos” was a fun little experiment and could have made a lot more sense if we all still lived really super close by each other and weren’t all married off and starting families. Video games were never the number-one hobby for any of us, so yeah. Makes sense to just let it be a fun memory of a cool thing we tried.

I’m porting all of my own blog entries from said video game site over here to a “vgconvos” category since I did actually like some of what I wrote. Who knows? Maybe having everything tossed together in one place here will make it easier for me to type something up if I really feel like it.

I also think an updated “My Podcasting Setup ~2014ver.~” post is long overdue. But that has nothing to do with video games. Except I never get around to writing it because I’m playing video games.






2 responses to “Consolidating Old Websites”

  1. Jason T. Avatar
    Jason T.

    Just wanted to say I loved the Vgconvos podcast. I still have them on my ipod. Yeah the info is outdated, but it’s still great to listen to every now and again.

  2. Jaime Denizard Avatar
    Jaime Denizard

    Thanks for saving the vgconvos posts, I do enjoy going back and reading those. Did you by any chance get to save the Top 10 lists you made? I scoured the vgconvo tag and I didn’t see them.

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