Category: Random Images

  • Random DBZ Image: #002

    Wow. I haven’t done this in forever. AsĀ  I’m working on the FUNimation Dragon Box review, though, and scrubbing through footage on the R1 and R2 releases… I couldn’t help but notice this amazing scene… Caption, anyone?

  • Random Images: Mount Vesuvius

    It’s pretty amazing how little I’ve written our our honeymoon trip to Europe so many months ago. Maybe I’ll correct that, eventually. Until then, here are some random photos. While in Italy, we were able to browse through Naples, Pompeii, etc. We even took a trip to the top of Mount Vesuvius! You take a…

  • Random DBZ Image: #001

    I’ll probably do this from time to time… mostly because it amuses me. And that’s really all that matters in this world. Caption, anyone?