Random DBZ Image: #002

Wow. I haven’t done this in forever. As  I’m working on the FUNimation Dragon Box review, though, and scrubbing through footage on the R1 and R2 releases… I couldn’t help but notice this amazing scene…


Caption, anyone?






10 responses to “Random DBZ Image: #002”

  1. The Time Traveller Avatar
    The Time Traveller

    Bora spots an Indian Burial Mound?

    The spear is symbolism for something else?

    Death by snoo-snoo?

  2. penguintruth Avatar

    I think the image speaks for itself.

  3. The Time Traveller Avatar
    The Time Traveller

    Bora pitches a teepee.

    Bulma supllies the booty, Bora supplies the protection, dooooooiiiiii.

  4. Tanooki Avatar

    Bora hunts for his food. But today Lunch found him. Ok, that was pretty horrible. 😛

  5. Alfred Avatar

    Little did Bora know that this picture would come back to haunt him…
    “This just in. An Native American tribal chief has been caught with half a woman in his tent. While we have not evidence to support this claim, it is believed that this makes him believe he has more sexual power!”

  6. Rob Avatar

    I’m in ur tent, stealin ur drag0nballz

    Sorry, my mind is broken today.

  7. Shady-Lurker Avatar

    Bora thought it was the perfect time to sneak a peak at Lunch’s rear, not realising that he was being recorded for a television program that will be seen by millions of people all around the world.

  8. Napier Avatar

    “Not all trash makes Indians cry.”

  9. Josh Avatar

    “I’m sure Tenshinhan won’t mind. I mean, he’s gay, right?”

  10. SHINOBI-03 Avatar

    Bora: “At last, I can see Lunch’s ass the way it was meant to be seen! Thank you Dragon Box! No more cropped footage, disappearing lines and washed out colors!”

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