The Sculpted Monkey King

This past weekend we finally browsed around Grounds For Sculpture, an art… I guess you would call it “location”?… here in New Jersey. Their main showcase at the moment seems to be a collection from Keith Haring, whose work you would probably recognize if you saw it.

While that was neat and all (along with the bazillion strange and nude pieces littered around), only one sculpture truly caught my attention:

It was called “Monkey King“. You put those two words next to each other, and I take note. He did not look like any of the “popular” versions of Son Wukong (with his staff, etc.), but it apparently is indeed him — I guess it is from earlier on in the story when he’s just the plain ol’ “Handsome Monkey King”, and not yet quite “Great Sage, Equal to Heaven” (or, ya’ know, the dude who tends to the horses and doesn’t realize he’s being made a fool of). The piece is by Hyung Jun Yum and was made out of plaster in 2002.






3 responses to “The Sculpted Monkey King”

  1. Eddie Avatar

    So if this thing goes “missing”, where exactly are you putting it? Is it going by the barbecue or will it end up like Homer Simpson’s Olmec head and go in the basement?

  2. VegettoEX Avatar

    I haven’t quite decided yet. It would look really great on the porch by the grill for sure, but it would also look pretty amazing in the corner of the recording “studio” (read: random room) in the basement.

    1. Guy Avatar

      Everyone gets their slant on things from someone else or another religion. Sun Wukong is no different. Hindus know all about ” Monkey Kings

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