Moving Video Games

Just because I am moving tomorrow doesn’t mean I can’t make a blog post about video games.

It has certainly been an interesting time getting ready to move with all of these games and systems. I have accumulated more systems in my time at the apartment than what I had owned – in total – previous to moving there. There is gaming paraphernalia all over the place. Not only did I have to disconnect everything, but then I (obviously!) had to clean it and pack it all up. I took a couple photos along the way, and while they are nothing spectacular, they perhaps give a little glimpse into the headache of moving so much stuff.

First up would be all of the current games. The Gamecube/Wii and the PS2 games were already in pretty standard racks, so I just threw some duct tape from top to bottom to hold the games in place so I could carry them as-is. The 360, PS3, and PSP games got shoved into a box with a couple random GBA boxes lying around


The Saturn games and miscellaneous system games (PC Engine, Playdia, import Gamecube, etc.) were up next. Thankfully they all very nicely fit into one box. Those PS1 and DS games were going to be another issue entirely, though… I somehow got everything into enough boxes, though.


Finally, it was time to pack up all of the systems, themselves. I put the three “current-gen” systems in their own packaging (with the 360 double-wrapped in towels and plastic bags to prevent spontaneous RRoDE74… combusting), as well as most-easiest un-packing. The DS and the PSP still need to find their way to a bag or box, but I think all of the old Game Boys and the Nomad have already been packed away. The broken Virtual Boy also made a trek to the new place all by its lonesome. Everything else was going to be eventually hooked up to one of two, alternate, non-HD gaming TVs. It’s a nice little batch of guys.


(In case you need a refresher, from top-to-bottom, left-to-right, that’s: Gamecube w/ Game Boy Player stacked on top of JP & US PS2s, SNES, N64 w/ memory expansion, Saturn, Genesis w/ 32X, PlayStation, NES, Playdia, Dreamcast.)

Pictures of all the final set-ups will absolutely make their way to the blog. It will be tough to drag me away from this long enough to write something, though:







2 responses to “Moving Video Games”

  1. VenomSymbiote Avatar

    Holy crap, Mike! So many video games/systems! I wish my collection was like yours…

    I cannot wait to see how your systems end up though!

  2. cZ33 Avatar

    I’m a long-time listener of Dz:EX and VGconvos and just thought i’d stop by and drop a comment. That’s a REALLY awesome game/console collection! As the previous poster said, i’d be curious to see you’re new set-up works out.

    Good luck on the move btw!

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