Older Music Games Cheap… Worth It?

Yeah, yeah… we missed another month on the podcast. Go ahead. Sue us. I’ve got a perfectly fine excuse (moving!).

In going through my feeds today, I noticed a couple good deals. One that stuck out to me was Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock being sold for a mere $9.99 over at Best Buy (360 / PS2 / Wii).

Now that we’ve progressed into the realms of Rock Band and World Tour (and… sure… Rock Revolution, if you so desire), what kind of benefit or reason do you see for picking up one of the “antiquated” versions of these games? I picked up Guitar Hero III on release date and played the heck out of it, and while I revisit it occasionally for a couple songs and the increased difficulty level, it rarely makes an extended stay in the 360’s disc drive. No-one can sing or drum along, and when the other two games are sitting right there, it is not a very difficult decision which to keep in.

How about you all, though? If you have not yet picked up Guitar Hero III, does the ridiculous $10 price point sway you? Is the lack of export/compatibility with newer game-engines and (full band) instruments still keeping you away? Do you not even like to play the guitar/bass parts of songs in the first place?





3 responses to “Older Music Games Cheap… Worth It?”

  1. Saiyavenger Avatar

    10 bucks already? Jeez. It took MGS2 at least three or four years to hit that price point.

    I feel like that speaks volumes about the quality of the games. Similar to sports games, when they release em annually, except somewhat worse. I mean, they don’t even have the newest game on the shelf for a month before announcing the next game in the series. To me, that just shows that all they’re doing is putting different songs in, and not doing anything new with the gameplay. Just a 60 dollar rehash, which would probably be better suited as a DLC pack.

    In a nutshell, when a franchise has 16 games, (and that’s without counting each release for each platform separately) in the span of less than five years, there’s definitely a quality problem, in my eyes, and it serves no purpose but to oversaturate the market and make a quick buck.

  2. m121 Avatar

    I picked up GH3 with a guitar for about 40 bucks around Christmas. Then my nephew ended up giving me a copy of Rock Band 1 that he didn’t need, and I was set. If it comes with an instrument, buying an older music game for cheap is a good idea. I wouldn’t buy it if I already had Rock Band/World Tour though.

  3. laserkid Avatar

    Eeesh, Guitar Hero III (Wii version in my case, since I didn’t get a 360 until a few months later) was the first and so far last game of its type I ever got. I like the game, but I suck so much at it I’m hesitent to try anything else…

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