Number-One Rankings On Google

I saw in my search engine referrals the phrase “dragonball fansite” the other day (for Daizenshuu EX), so I figured I’d take a look and see where we placed with that. Whoa! Number one…?! Awesome! Out of curiosity, I tried a bunch of additional search terms/phrases to see which also brought us up as the first link on Google (at least while searching signed into my own profile; your mileage may vary). Here are a few that I am really proud of:

  • daizenshuu
  • dragonball fansite
  • dragon ball fansite
  • dragon ball podcast
  • dragonball podcast
  • dbz podcast
  • best dbz website
  • best dragonball website
  • best dragon ball website
  • dragonball website
  • dragon ball website
  • dbz website

I don’t know if anyone actually uses those types of search phrases, but if they came to mind for me to use, perhaps someone else will do the same. There’s still a long way to go for us to show up for simple searches like “dragonball” or “dbz”, but hey… we’ve gone eleven years and have done this well. What’s another decade or so? We’ll out-last everyone and end up on top by default :P.





4 responses to “Number-One Rankings On Google”

  1. Forgotten Hero Avatar

    That’s really exciting! Wow, it feels pretty cool to be a small part of this, now, large community. 🙂

  2. Joey B. Avatar
    Joey B.

    Well, I have to say, I’m pretty sure I found your site 6 or 7 years ago by searching for “Dragon Ball Z fansites.”

    Congrats, though. That’s a major accomplishment.

    It’s odd how you aren’t on the first page of results for “Vegetto,” though. You’d think, given your internet presence, you’d be mentioned in some capacity.

  3. Tanooki Kuribo Avatar
    Tanooki Kuribo

    Thats pretty neat.Congrats.

  4. SSj_Rambo Avatar

    Searching stuff like “dragonball fansite” and “best dragonball website” on Google is actually how I found Daizenshuu EX. Congratulations on the famousness!!

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