Problem Not-Yet-Solved: Wireless Podcast Downloads

I had originally typed this up on my iPhone and was planning on posting it via the WordPress application, but I ran into a little snag: the dreaded “invalid post id” error. Now I’m re-typing it on a standard ol’ computer while looking down at the draft on my phone to make sure it’s all written up verbatim. What a drag. Ah, well. It prompted me to upgrade the WordPress installation on this blog and get image insertions working again, so I suppose it was all in my best interest.


I have had this little issue for a while, but have not been able to solve it as-of-yet. When Apple decided to allow wireless downloads of podcasts to the iPhone from within the iTunes Store, I decided to try it out with Lo-Fidelity.

It worked perfectly fine, except that I am completely unable to locate it for deletion when the phone is connected to the computer and the iTunes application. It is not under “Music” and it is not under “Podcasts”. It simply does not exist, as far as I can tell. Except… ya’ know… it actually is there somewhere on the phone’s drive, since I can still tap and listen to it.


Thoughts? Similar experiences? Solutions? I haven’t tried downloading any more podcasts over WiFi for fear of not being able to delete them. I have to imagine this is some sort of strange, isolated case…





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  1. SSj_Rambo Avatar

    To delete the podcast, you just have to put your finger on the title of the podcast (when on the screen shown above, in your post) and “swipe” horizontally; and a red “Delete” button will appear.

    You can see visual instructions on deleting a podcast in this situation at the bottom of this tutorial:

    1. VegettoEX Avatar

      I could have sworn I had already tried every swipe I could have possibly done on it, but somehow I managed to delete it this morning.

      That still doesn’t change the fact that it doesn’t even show up as existing when connected to a computer, but hey… at least some progress was made…

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