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Some Extra Funny Images

So late last month I wrote something called “The Great Canonical Debate” (it was pretty good; you should go read it). I wanted to include some type of moderately-snarky image of some type of god handing down a daizenshuu to go along with the section about how there is no officially-declared canon to the franchise, so I had requested on Twitter a great Photoshopped-image to include.

I ended up going with one by our good buddy Tekkaman-James — you might remember him as the great artist who brought Appuragas to life. As seen in my original article, here is James’ image (now available in full-size when you click! Whoa!):

I wanted to share some of the other ones that came in, though. Our One Piece-lovin’ buddy Alex tossed this together, which I almost used:

Our artistically-awesometacular buddy Karan gave us this one. I liked it a lot (‘cuz… it’s God. Get it?), but if you didn’t “get it”, it wouldn’t have really worked.

And that’s all I’s gots for ya’ today.

Is this thing on? Oh hey, I fixed it.

Broke this thing a while back. Looks like I fixed it. Hurray.

I’ve had a few in-depth blog ideas swimming around in my brain lately, but I just have not had the time to dedicate to any of them. Instead, you are stuck with a couple funny pictures… and that’s what the Internet is all about anyway, right?

Saw this at the grocery store and thought it was funny. Get it? It says “Pee-Pee”. That’s funny. I’m six years old.

For Christmas Dinner, you would think that “the kids” (all being adults) would all be able to hang out in the same room as the older adults. Not so. Not enough room. Stuck in the basement for a while with the actual children. You know, the ones nearly 30 years younger than you. Might as well make the best of it. Here is my talent at work. I’m pretty proud of it.

Plenty of stuff going on, and plenty of things to share on the blog in the future. Heath just started up something that I’ve been meaning to do for a while, too, so look forward to that nonsense. Expect pictures of the recording “studio” when the new mixer comes in early next month (not that it’ll look much different, or anything).

So yeah. There’s always Twitter where I’m tossing out random nonsense, and plenty of folks have been asking crap on Formspring.

My name is Mike, and I approved this blog post.

Random DBZ Image: #002

Wow. I haven’t done this in forever. AsĀ  I’m working on the FUNimation Dragon Box review, though, and scrubbing through footage on the R1 and R2 releases… I couldn’t help but notice this amazing scene…


Caption, anyone?

Random Images: Mount Vesuvius

It’s pretty amazing how little I’ve written our our honeymoon trip to Europe so many months ago. Maybe I’ll correct that, eventually.

Until then, here are some random photos.

While in Italy, we were able to browse through Naples, Pompeii, etc. We even took a trip to the top of Mount Vesuvius! You take a van up most of the way (frightening beyond belief on the way back down on the narrow, windy roads), but must walk up the rest of the way to reach the top. Our regular camera’s battery died shortly before we reached the top, but I did have my iPhone on me and was able to snap this at the peak down into the pit of the volcano:


Here is a view of Naples far below:


Yeppers. Good times.

Random DBZ Image: #001

I’ll probably do this from time to time… mostly because it amuses me. And that’s really all that matters in this world.

Freeza Pointing (DBZ episode 054)

Caption, anyone?

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