Japanese DBZ Video Game Hilarity

Every so often I like to just kick back and read through all of the various boxes and instruction books for my old, Japanese DragonBall video games. I happened to be scanning through the Super Famicom stuff this morning when I re-discovered the fantastic, not-entirely-“Engrish” splash text on one of the most acclaimed games for the generation, Sûpâ Saiya Densetsu (“Legend of the Super Saiyan“).

One of the things that I love about the box is its use of “Super Saiya-jin” rather than the standard (even for Japan) “Super Saiyan“. Pronunciation issues and differences aside, “Saiyan” has almost always been the de facto standard for Japan’s own romanization of the term, so it is a little shocking to see an outlier like this.

More than anything, though, the splash text as a whole just reeks with dramatic awesomeness, and at least one fantastic mis-spelling. Can you spot it?

The strongest man in the space. SON GOKOU fights the series of the terrible baitles for our space. That’s where the legend of the Super Saiya-jin starts from. Burning blood!!

What more is there to say? I have a bunch more examples like this to share… just gotta remind me every so often, folks!





8 responses to “Japanese DBZ Video Game Hilarity”

  1. Tekkaman-James Avatar

    Let’s not forget the exclamation coming out of Goku’s butt. “Burning blood!!” Good stuff, sir. Thanks for sharing.

  2. 707 Avatar

    I believe it’s “The strongest man in THE space.”

    Which is fantastic.

  3. VegettoEX Avatar

    Crap, I can’t believe I missed that word! Figures… I’m unconsciously fixing up their writing when I’m very purposefully trying to transcribe the exact opposite of “good writing” :P.

  4. Micahel Bennett II Avatar

    I believe it is “BAITLES”

  5. Andrew Mayes Avatar
    Andrew Mayes

    Apparently Goku’s (oh, sorry, “Gokou’s”) blood is on fire. Who knew?

  6. DesireCampbell Avatar

    I can never forget that Cardass card that reads ‘BARDUCK’.

  7. Alfred Avatar

    If they put the “the” from “the space” in front of “Super Saiya-jin” it wouldn’t be…as bad.
    At least it’s not:
    “Man of strongest in the space, SON GOKOU, frights the terrible battles of selies for our space. BURNING BROOD!”

  8. B Avatar

    I never realized how hilarious the word “space” is with articles or pronouns in front of it.

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