It’s True! I Started “Chrono Trigger”

Alert the presses! Headline of the year, right here: “Toriyama Fanboy Plays Acclaimed Game 15 Years Late“.

Despite running a DragonBall fansite since 1998 (and being a fan of the series for a few years before that), I have many embarrassing stories to tell. While I have read a good chunk of Dr. Slump and own things like Kajika, I have never played a Dragon Quest game, and even worse… I have never played Chrono Trigger.

Despite being a huge fan of its character designer, and despite knowing that it had a “dream-team” of producers working on it, I never played the game back during the SNES days. I had only begun to dabble into RPGs at the time, and would not make any real commitment to one until Final Fantasy VII in 1997. Despite its re-release on the PS1 years later, no matter how many times I told myself to check it out, I never got around to it. Despite receiving it as a Christmas gift from the wife a year ago, it has not had an opportunity to jump into my DS. (Hey, the system saw plenty of action over the last twelve months — Retro Game Challenge was one of my favorite games of the last year.)

Well, that all changed last night. Mike, a.k.a. “VegettoEX”, a.k.a. “Supposed Toriyama Fanboy”, has played half an hour into Chrono Trigger.

Last night the wife and I got home from work, then the gym, and then dinner… and decided we were just too exhausted to do anything. I was planning on playing some more Uncharted 2, but that seemed like it would require more of an attention span than I was willing to give. After putzing around for a while, I decided that an RPG would fill the gaming itch perfectly. I could lounge around and play a game without needing to aim at someone’s head with a tranquilizer gun in an action game, or pull off a frame-perfect counter attack in a fighting game.

I am already enjoying it immensely. Things happen almost immediately from the get-go, giving you a sense of both scale, as well as cause and effect. I dig the music a whole lot, some of which I already know from listening to the included bonus CD a few times over the last year. I have only just reached the point where Lucca meets up with Crono back where Marle had disappeared to (is that vague enough to not spoil any of the first damn thirty minutes?), but that was more than enough to solidify my interest. I am sure you will hear my thoughts on the battle system, character motifs, art style direction, and more as I make my way further into the game.

More than anything else, I am happy to say that I have discovered why I kept accidentally referring to the RPG in Retro Game Challenge as “Guardia Quest” instead of “Guadia Quest” — the kingdom that Chrono Crono (hehe!) comes from is called “Guardia”, which I must have inadvertently run into and unconsciously absorbed over the years.

How about you all? So many of you have playfully criticized me for never playing the game. Without spoiling anything for me, what is it about the game that makes you hold it in such high regard? If you are in the same boat as me, what are your excuses (valid or otherwise!) for never playing it? This is your one chance to give me Hell!





6 responses to “It’s True! I Started “Chrono Trigger””

  1. Kirbopher Avatar

    Oh hey awesome! I just started playing this a couple weeks ago since I got it for X-Mas. I’m about 8 hours in and it’s been amazing thus far. I can definitely tell so many people have loved this game, great fun-filled characters, a kickass timetravel story and a really unique battle system.

  2. Coleman Avatar

    It’s one of my favorite games. I love everything from the art, the story, the music, and just the overall feel of the game. It never takes itself too seriously and it’s probably the only RPG I have no problem playing over and over again. I could say more but I don’t wanna write an essay about it. It really is just that good.

  3. hbi2k Avatar

    If it makes you feel any better about having missed the PS1 version, that was a truly terrible port with load times out the wazoo. The DS version is the definitive way to play the game.

    The only down side is that now if you decide to go back and check out any of the Dragon Quest games when you’re done, they might all seems pretty generic and standard compared to CT. Not that they were bad games by any means, but they were very grind-y and with very standard plots. VIII is well worth playing if you’ve got a PS2 handy, though.

  4. Kaboom Avatar

    I love the game. I still haven’t beaten it yet because I’m taking my time and going through all the sidequests, a few more of which were added to the DS version.

    Toriyama’s artistic touch doesn’t even need to be mentioned. But that aside, the characters are fun and endearing, the story is solid and not too hard to follow (with your pick of multiple endings, to boot), and the gameplay is ahead of its time for an SNES-era RPG.

    If you’re still only a half-hour into it, then you ain’t seen nothing yet. Wait until you start really amassing party members and begin learning the team-attacks.

  5. Taylor Avatar

    The Millenial Fair will always bring back nostalgic memories of just wandering around, taking part in beer chugging contests and betting on races, and not having to worry about pushing forward. Too bad Blue Dragon didn’t give me the same feeling.

  6. Kino Avatar

    Once you’re back at the Millenial Fair, play the most expensive game at the Tent of Horrors when you don’t feel like going to the next part of the story. And do it a lot.

    Then check out your house later. 😀

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