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Jeff and I have streamed our recording of lo-fidelity live a few times. We do so over on my Stickam account through a second computer (my laptop) while his is busy with the normal audio recording for the show. Up until last night, we’ve always just done it where the laptop picks up the audio through its internal mic, since the mixer is outputting to the Mac for audio recording.

Well, the mixer has the main-out as well as the tape-out. I busted out my audio cables last night and did a proper line-in to the laptop to complement the video feed it was serving. The feedback from the audience was great (being that the audio was great… no-one ever said the show was great :P), so next time we broadcast, we’ll be doing it “correctly” again.

That gets me wondering, though… what do we gain from broadcasting it live?

I’m well aware of the effort it takes to build and maintain that “sticky” audience that we all so desire, and little things like fixing the audio on a live stream go a long way. How about that live stream, though? What purpose does it serve? Quite frankly, it seems pretty egotistical… people love us so much, they want to watch us as we record our shows! Aren’t we so flippin’ great?!

I don’t really think that about myself, though. No, seriously. If you were hanging with us last night, you heard me complaining about Jeff and his amazing radio voice and how much of a struggle it is for me sometimes to get into the range I want to be in. There are plenty of things I don’t like about my various shows, so adding a video stream on top of that just seems crazy.

I think it works for lo-fidelity, though. Jeff and I have both been podcasting for a few years, and we both edit our own main shows. We know the effort it takes. We know what goes into it all. Due to all that, this particular show is far more conversational than the one I do for Daizenshuu EX, and so it works well for a live stream… no random dead-air (not much, anyway ^_~), no confusion over what’s happening next, no piece-meal recordings (with the exception of the ahead-of-time Anamanaguchi interview), etc. We are able to get immediate feedback, too, and while we definitely gear it toward being a damn solid audio program and really just video stream because we can… it’s nice to pull in a couple random live things here and there, like someone’s off-the-cuff Top 5 list to go along with our own.

That doesn’t really address the bigger question of added-value, though. So I guess it’s best to ask you all — the ones who are following me enough to be reading this blog. Do you have any interest in video feeds of the podcast recordings? What do you find interesting / disinteresting about them? Know that we don’t have the time or resources to put on big productions, so if and when we stream anything, it’s just going to be… yep, some folks sitting around mics recording a podcast.

Really curious, though!





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  1. JacobYBM Avatar

    Honestly, the video feed is just another way for us to connect. I mean, I listen to your main show (Daizex), I visit your website several times a day, and I ‘Live’ on your message board. I eagerly await each new Daizex podcast, too. I’ve even sent in a few emails. Safe to say, I care. If the analogy is any good, I liken it to Peter Jennings from ABC. Everyone felt it hard when he passed, he was America’s news anchor. With you, Meri, Julian, Jeff, etc…it’s almost a sort of on-going story. Like a weekly adventure, only starring knowledgeable fans. With a video feed we can connect even further, not to mention seeing the live stream we can see the inbetween segment stuff and even interact via the power of the chat.

    I’m not sure if any of this has made sense, but hopefully I answered your question.

  2. Royce Avatar

    Well my reason for watching the live broadcast of the podcast is there seems to be more interactivity by watching , commenting live(and sometimes you guys comment back) ,seeing the mistakes , and overall just see how everything is done , then just listening to a already made and edited mp3 .

  3. VenomSymbiote Avatar

    Well, my own reason for watching it live is… well… it’s fun!

    I love seeing my favorite hosts just talk it out. It adds more to what the audio lacks, like facil expressions, and bloopers, and all the other stuff. It allows the fans and the hosts to connect even more, since previosuly we only heard audio. Perhaps that’s why live podcasts are great.

  4. DesireCampbell Avatar

    I don’t get to catch the feed much, but I love the fact that it’s something I *could* get in on – feel more connected with you guys.

    Also, you know, the stalking.

  5. Hao Kaiser Avatar
    Hao Kaiser

    The last stream was the first one I had participated in, since I was finally able to utilize a high-speed connection in my college dorm. It’s something I’ve always wanted to watch (especially when I’d get a Twitter update from one of you guys), but have never been able to access due to my family’s poor internet connection.

    As for why… I’m not really sure. When I heard about the stream, I wasn’t like “Well, why the hell would anyone want to watch that?”

    I almost see it as something similar to going to see live music. If you were to just sit at home and listen to a CD through your stereo or your headphones, you would probably receive a higher-quality experience, where everything has been edited and produced to completion (if that sentence makes any sense at all). And while a live performance may not sound as good or as clean as the studio recording, there is some sense of excitement to be gained from watching the music be made right before your eyes.

    That was a horrible, horrible analogy… I completely apologize. 😛 I hope you see what I’m trying to get at, though.

    Beyond that, it almost seemed like a logical progression for you guys (aside from the fact that you broadcast a conversation about audio in a video format), if that makes any sense. I think the fact that you guys are willing to go that extra mile, and interact with a live audience, is pretty awesome.

    And, like DesireCampbell said… Stalking.

    At any rate, I would love to watch other streams of your other podcasts. It was a lot of fun seeing other people’s responses in real time, as well as actually watching you guys converse and interact. I also got a kick about the short side conversations you guys had… Mostly just you trying to figure out what album to give Jeff for the next episode, though.

    Long comment is long. Sorry ’bout that.

  6. SSj_Rambo Avatar

    I know this is quite a late reply, but I thought I still might as well through in my two cents, since I’m sitting at school and need to be typing something so it looks like I am working on an essay…

    I really enjoy getting catching the video feeds whenever I can, and even though I do often end up switching to another window and basically just listening to it… like an actual podcast… I do really enjoy it. I love getting a look at the setups you guys use (such as using your TV as a subject prompt for everyone to see), and it’s also really fun to get to chat with other fans on the Stickham page about the same subjects you guys are covering (but mostly just on random subjects).

    I think it’s a great treat, and in no way egotistical. It’s a nice treat that I know you guys have to go out of your way to set up (and put clothes on for), and am very appreciative. I don’t really follow the lo-fidelity podcast, so the live feeds give me a great reason to tune in to an occasional episode, and it often gets me to download the previous episode out of curiosity.

    So basically, some folks sitting around mics recording a podcast is more than enough to keep my interest (when it’s you guys :P). Thanks.

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