vagettoEx is banned

I was browsing through some YouTube comments again (I know, I know…), and noticed my video “Never Fall Apart” also uploaded on someone else’s account. I can’t really stop that, and don’t particularly care, either… but I was curious about the comments it might have, so I clicked through. For the most part, they’re the usual “I love it!” or “I can’t find this song on Limewire please send it to me for free because I’m an entitled little nitwit!“, but something stuck out to me even more than that:


It’s such a shame. I share no pleasure in detailing the news that vagettoEx is banned. I don’t exactly know who he is or why he’s banned from whatever he’s banned from, though. Just figured I’d pass along the word.






2 responses to “vagettoEx is banned”

  1. DaemonCorps Avatar

    This only further supports the possibility of an evil handlebar mustached Mike wearing a red scouter somewhere out there…

  2. Corey Avatar

    vagettoEx? Isn’t that your porno name? 😛

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