What Do You Want To Hear About?

I realize I have not posted anything up here in a while (though I did recently make a post over on vgconvos). I suppose it could just be the time of year (we are all so busy!), or perhaps the sinus infection and meds that give me loopy, incoherent thoughts that do not translate well to a blog post.


Is there anything in particular you readers would like to hear some thoughts on? I will still try to post amusing pictures and such taken in the wild, but I also want to be able to type up some premeditated garbage every so often, too. If you are following this blog, you are either genuinely interested in things I may have to say, or are one of those creepy people that hates me yet follows me around the intertubes reading everything I write hoping to one day pin me on something ever-so-minute when I run for President of the World and destroy all of my plans.

Things I use? Things I do? Places I have been? Specific-fandom stories? I’m full of it! In lots of ways!






5 responses to “What Do You Want To Hear About?”

  1. Forgotten Hero Avatar

    I would love to hear about what concerts you’re going to, and what music you are currently listening to (latest obsessions and such).
    For anyone who has listened to one of your three podcasts, they should know that you love emo, indie, and punk rock.
    I love that stuff too, and so I’d love to hear your thoughts about those music scenes as well.

    BTW, I’m so aped for Thursday coming to San Diego on 2/18/09!

  2. Jaime/Karasuhebi Avatar

    I’d like to hear your thoughts on the new TeamFourStar videos as they come out, instead of having to wait for you to discuss them on DaizEX with everyone else. 😛

    I also want your thoughts on tech news during the week that you found interesting.


  3. Forgotten Hero Avatar

    Oh, you should give some podcast 101 stuff. I’m trying to do my own podcast with a couple of my friends, and obviously we know very little about podcasting. So couple of pointers would be much a appreciated.

  4. DesireCampbell Avatar

    Anything, and everything.

  5. Willie/VenomSymbiote Avatar

    More Stories About Crazy Fans! It’s always nice to hear you rant about stupid things fans do.

    And just out of curiosity, what exaclty is your job that you do in real life?

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