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SNK vs Capcom: Match of the Millennium

I briefly hinted a couple days ago that I was going to have some more Neo-Geo/SNK action coming your way, and so here it is…!

You have probably heard on the show our little story about the Neo-Geo Pocket Color. If not, the short version is that Andrew picked one up our senior year of high school (1999-2000), and suddenly it became a little cult hit in our area. At least half a dozen people seemed to have one within the next week, which… if I’m doing my math correctly… accounts for at least 98% of the installed base of the system, in total, globally.

I’m kidding, I’m kidding. But seriously. Weird.

We all played the crap out that little system and its games. Remember that at this time, the newest handheld we had going for us was… what?… the GameBoy Color…? The GBA wouldn’t see a release for another two years or so, and before the NGPC, we were trading Pokeymanz (yes, seniors in high school were playing that game… in calculus) and not a whole lot else.

I actually didn’t pick up the system right away, for whatever reason. I guess I just played Andrew’s constantly. Needless to say, the system didn’t last all that long, and it soon became very cheap and very unheard-of. I finally picked up my own system the following year during my freshman year of college. If I remember correctly, every couple of months Amazon was getting in some overstock that they were selling off at a bargain price. I believe that I grabbed the system (packed in with Sonic the Hedgehog: Pocket Adventure) for $30. Not a bad deal!

Since then, the system has mostly sat in its box over on my shelf, with the occasional break-out to show wide-eyed friends a handheld console that they had never seen before in their lives. As much as we loved the darn thing for the few months that it was the new-hotness, that love seemed to mostly be in memory and not quite in practice.

One of the games that we played the Hell out of, though, was (and this should be no surprise if you’ve been following along with us) SNK vs Capcom: Match of the Millennium. Being the actual first game in the SvC/CvS series, it was quite a novelty! The controls were spot on, the dialog was hilarious, the unlockables were wonderful, the music was amazing… it’s shocking to me that they didn’t port this over to GBA!

Neo-Geo Pocket Color (system and games)

Well, I finally picked up my own copy of the game at Anime Weekend Atlanta last month. It cost me $30 (omglolz price I paid for the system), but I don’t have to iron out my plan to steal it from Andrew, anymore.

MotM Screen Shots

It was quite a trip playing an old favorite like this game. It’s one of those games that you continue to quote long into your adult life (for example, “Gwwwaaa! I can’t stop me!” and “It’s Mai Time!” are NGPC staples). While I thoroughly enjoyed getting back into it, the DS and PSP (especially the DS Lite and PSP-2000) have really spoiled us all when it comes to handheld screens. It’s better than the old GameBoy systems, but unless you’re in perfect lighting, it’s damn well near impossible to see what you’re doing. It doesn’t do the actual graphics any justice, and that’s such a shame. I’d love a DS port of this little bugger… so long as I can also get one of those little clicky, faux-analog nubs to place over my d-pad, as well…

Psyched for “King of Fighters XII”

The art style of Street Fighter IV is definitely something to write home about, but all of us above the age of 20 were still halfway sad to see the (numbered part of the) series finally abandon its 2D roots (yes, I understand Arika and the EX series exist, and as much as I enjoyed it, it’s still an off-shoot… that can be a story for another time).

Holy Hell, SNK/Playmore is totally keeping 2D alive with &%#$ing STYLE.

King of Fighters XII

The King of Fighters XII is looking to totally blow the socks off of us 2D-fighter fans. Game Trailers has the latest preview video up for viewing, and it’s sexy as Hell. This game is going to be an amazing complement to have alongside all of the 3D fighters we either already have (Soul Calibur IV) or are coming soon (Street Fighter IV).

My history with the KoF series is a little all over the place. I was very casual about it up until around 1998, and then got incredibly hardcore with it (well, “hardcore” for me). After 2000, though, the games all started bleeding together for me… not to mention the bosses got slightly ridiculous both in style and cheapness (seriously, Goenitz… bite me). ’99 was probably my favorite game in the series thus far. I know a lot of the seriously-hardcore fans have a problem with the striker system, but the specific characters that were in the game, the backgrounds, and the music (oh god, the awesome music!) are what really sell the game for me. I also dipped into the Maximum Impact series, and thoroughly enjoyed 2006 / Maximum Impact 2 despite its transition into quasi-3D.

There’s not much of a point to this entry other than to check in with you all and see what your hype level is for the upcoming fighters… and specifically, KoF. Who’s really digging the updated style for the series? Who’s picking up the American release of ’98 Ultimate Match on LIVE Arcade, and/or already picked it up on PS2?

I’ve got some more SNK love coming for you soon with some talk about a game I finally picked up for myself on Neo-Geo Pocket Color…

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