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Conversation 008: Sega Dreamcast 10 Year Anniversary

Can you believe it’s been ten years? Neither can we.

Marking the system’s tenth anniversary, we are all incredibly happy to bring you a new podcast episode looking back on the little system that could… well, it couldn’t in the end, but it sure did its best. We will probably be busy playing The Beatles: Rock Band tonight, but it makes sense to light a candle to remember the Sega Dreamcast. In this case, the “candle” is a new podcast episode. Work with me here, folks.

Our buddy Bryce was aching to join us for this one, but although he couldn’t make it, prior guest Meri stepped up to fill in. The usual cast of Mike, Andrew, and Jeff fleshes out the cast to talk a little Dreamcast. What made it so special of a system? How was the launch compared to prior and more recent hardware launches? How did the games compare to others of the time? Which still hold up to this day, if any?

With so many games released, it would be impossible to cover them all. None-the-less, we feel we did the system justice in our conversation, and round it all out with our Top 10 Dreamcast Games. You can read it now if you want, but it’s way more fun not to spoil it for yourself!

A couple extra notes:

– No, Soul Calibur in the arcade did not run on the Naomi hardware (as much as we may have indirectly said it did). It ran on the System 12 board, which was essentially a beefed-up PlayStation.

– Never see the NiGHTS analog controller for the Saturn before? Here is the Japanese controller next to the American Dreamcast controller. Unless you’re blind, the relation should be quite clear.


– Each of us still has a Dreamcast hooked up somewhere. Here’s my little buddy, right next to his daddy.


Thanks go out to everyone who joined us for the live recording, and even more thanks to all of you sticking it out with us and patiently waiting for another podcast episode! Hopefully the couple blog posts every now and then are keeping you busy! Enjoy!

Dreamcast Episode Coming Soon!

Everyone else will be doing that same thing, but that’s OK… we don’t aim to be different; we aim to be us.

We will be recording our next podcast episode (yeah, fancy that!) this coming Saturday evening. We might even broadcast it live on Stickam! Stay tuned to my personal Twitter for details, but in the meantime, we want your stories.

Were you there for the biggest launch in entertainment history back on 9/9/99? What was your favorite game? Did you ever browse the web on your TV? Did you sink tons of hours into a console-based MMO? Did you scratch your GD-ROMs (as it was so easy to do) and never get to play a certain game ever again? Did you import the European version of a particular game so you could play it in English on the system it was actually developed for?

Give us your Dreamcast stories. Keep them relatively short and easily digestible so we can share them on the show. Write them out and e-mail them over to us at feedback (-at-) vgconvos *D*O*T* (-com-), or just leave a comment here on the post. Send them in soon, since we are recording on Saturday. The plan is to have the episode our for the ten-year anniversary on 9/9/09, especially since that specific evening we will all be busy playing The Beatles: Rock Band.

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