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Month: May 2008

Top Ten Pokémon

Shut up. I felt like it.

Despite saying in my initial entry that I would be writing “semi-professional but non-corporate” material, I am going completely against that with a list of my Top Ten Pokémon. Wouldn’t this fit in better on that new video games podcast with conversations and top ten lists? Somehow I doubt either Jeff or Andrew would be down for that, so I’m all on my own. As a mid-20s Pokémon quasi-wannabe-fan, I don’t have many outlets to write this kind of stuff…!

My affection for these characters comes from a variety of places, but primarily (1) playing the games, and (2) watching the anime. There are some sub-sectors to those (the movies in Japanese, for example), but it should all make sense as you read through.

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Just a typical first post.

I decided to set up an actual blog for me… “me” being VegettoEX. Hi. Nice to meet you. Actually, though… if you’re reading this, chances are you know who “VegettoEX” is.

This won’t be for trivial nonsense posts (you can follow the Twitter for that). I have a bunch of semi-professional but non-corporate writings I would like to do, and they just don’t really fit in anywhere else. I wanted to set up as a central place to list the majority of things I’ve been involved with, and this seemed like as good a place as any to set up such a blog. I have plenty of other places I hang out online with friends and write various things, but it seems like if I’m going to be online in some position of notoriety for over ten years, I should at least have a standard blog with my alias attached to it.

This will probably stay looking like a pretty standard WordPress install for at least the foreseeable future. Since my day-job consists mostly of design/re-design/content-management work on these here tubes, it takes a lot of dedication and non-existent free-time to want to do it for personal things…! Perhaps that’s just a series of excuses to justify it for myself, but I feel it’s at least partially true.

So anyway, it’s good to have you here. Read along, subscribe, post some comments; the things I’ll be expunging from my head and writing down will be meant to be and intended as conversations. I’m very big on “conversations”. You can probably tell from the podcast I’ve already been doing for nearly three years, as well as the upcoming one with the word itself in the title (wowzers, sneak-peak of a broken website…!).

Later, all.  You know where to find me. – Video Game Conversations Podcast… Coming Soon!

Hi, everyone. Mike here.

I don’t really expect anyone to read this, but in case you happen to, here goes. The idea for this site (mainly the podcast) stems from the fact that we (myself and the other two hosts, Jeff & Andrew) have these conversations all the time. Since we have experience podcasting, we figured that we might as well put those conversations to good use. The domain was purchased many months back, and we have been working behind the scenes to create a show that is worth listening to, is engaging, is relevant, and we can all have fun working on. We have recorded our first episode, and are in the process of building out the site so the show actually has somewhere to live!

If you’re coming from one of our other (more full-time) gigs/podcasts, we’re absolutely glad to have you follow along with us. If you’re completely new to us, we’re equally glad to have you. It’s probably still being built, but you can learn a little more about us over on the (aptly-named) “About Us” page.

Check you guys ‘n gals soon.

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