– Video Game Conversations Podcast… Coming Soon!

Hi, everyone. Mike here.

I don’t really expect anyone to read this, but in case you happen to, here goes. The idea for this site (mainly the podcast) stems from the fact that we (myself and the other two hosts, Jeff & Andrew) have these conversations all the time. Since we have experience podcasting, we figured that we might as well put those conversations to good use. The domain was purchased many months back, and we have been working behind the scenes to create a show that is worth listening to, is engaging, is relevant, and we can all have fun working on. We have recorded our first episode, and are in the process of building out the site so the show actually has somewhere to live!

If you’re coming from one of our other (more full-time) gigs/podcasts, we’re absolutely glad to have you follow along with us. If you’re completely new to us, we’re equally glad to have you. It’s probably still being built, but you can learn a little more about us over on the (aptly-named) “About Us” page.

Check you guys ‘n gals soon.






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