Conversation 009: Shooting the Shit and E-mails

It may take us six months, but we eventually hit you back with a show…!

When we realized (upon gorging on pizza and beer) that the core group was actually all together at the same time and had a free evening, we decided we may as well just go ahead and record a show! Episode nine of the podcast is the embodiment of everything the show aims to be — a bunch of friends sitting around pontificating about video games. Sometimes we say stupid things and sometimes we say brilliant things, but the end result is a good time, and hopefully with a few guys you want to hear from.

Andrew told us about playing everything from DJ Hero and Civilization IV. Jeff has been playing everything from Angry Birds to Boom Blox. Mike has been playing everything from Heavenly Sword to Final Fantasy 1. You all had e-mails with some top ten lists, and questions about everything ranging from English translation ambivalence to relationship advice.

For your amazing convenience, here are some of the iPhone and PC games we spoke about during the show, as well as one article:

Special thanks to all the folks who hung out with us the other night during the live recording of the episode! After you listen to the show to let us know what you think (and chime in on any of the opinions or questions), let us know how you best want to be notified about new posts and live recordings. Does the site warrant its own Twitter feed? A Facebook fan page? What do you think?

Enjoy! Hopefully we’ll see you again sooner than six months’ time! Expect some blog posts from all of us in the meantime, of course!


6 responses to “Conversation 009: Shooting the Shit and E-mails”

  1. mysteriousdbzgt Avatar

    Really enjoyed this episode, glad you guys have returned. Hopefully you guys will stick to schedule, once a month, maybe? ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Jason T Avatar

    Good episode. You got me interested in Chrono Trigger. I might pick it up. So you called it the perfect game. Does that mean it replaced Link’s Awakening as your #1?

  3. Mike Avatar

    @ mysteriousdbzgt:

    No guarantees on recording schedules! ๐Ÿ˜€

    @ Jason:

    “Chrono Trigger” and “Link’s Awakening” are two very different games. They may both be top-down adventures, but CT is still very much a turn-based, Japanese RPG, while LA is still very much a real-time, Japanese action/RPG. They both excel greatly at what they are, and are pretty much the epitome of game design for their respective niches. You may have heard us talk about it before, but while many people will argue in favor of “Link to the Past”, Andrew and I very much agree that “Link’s Awakening” perfected what its predecessor set out to do… and the fact that it did so on an 8-bit monochrome system really speaks volumes.

  4. Mike Avatar

    Grar, I didn’t actually/fully answer your question…!

    Has CT ultimately taken over at my #1, replacing LA? Too soon to tell, as I stated during the show. It’s something I’ll need to revisit over the next couple years. You’ll notice that nothing in my Top 10 is particularly “recent”; to me, I feel that a game needs to stand the test of time both on its own merits AND in my personal favor/graces/rose-tinted-glasses. CT is clearly there for many people already, but I came to it far too late. I can pretty safely say that it’ll rank pretty highly up there in due time, though ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Nick Avatar

    First off I love that you guys finally read my top ten and yes I beat echo the dolphin (I was determined).

  6. Tom Avatar

    More VG Convos! More, I say!

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