Does The PS2 $99 Price Point Affect You?

As of April 1st (being tomorrow), the PlayStation 2 will officially (and finally) hit that magical $99 retail price. As someone who owns two PS2s already (US & Japanese; my PS3 is the 40 GB with no backwards-compatibility), I initially thought this would not affect me in the least.

But then I got thinking.

At $99, that is an easy impulse-buy for the basement at the new place. We have been thinking and talking about where all of the systems are going to be arranged, and my current thought has been that the two PS2s will be hooked up to the big new TV in the living room via component. There are enough “current” games that I still want to get to (never mind ones I still want to catch up on) that it makes sense for me to keep the PS2s available for use in a comfortable way.

How about Dance Dance Revolution, though? I think the living room might not be the best place for the lovely Red Octane Ignition 2.0 pads (too much shaking around), but the basement sure works. I can easily see myself grabbing a new $99 slim PS2 to plop down into the basement on an old TV and stereo system. Suddenly DDR is always hooked up again, a mere flight of steps away, and is the first baby step toward maybe throwing an elliptical of our own and maybe some weights down there… yeah… that’s the ticket…

How about you all, though? Does the new $99 price point affect you in any way? Will you finally be graduating to last generation, picking up an extra one, replacing a broken one…? With over 140 million units sold, it sure is tough to imagine a gamer without a PS2, but I suppose it is possible.






6 responses to “Does The PS2 $99 Price Point Affect You?”

  1. TriforceCaptre Avatar

    I’m definitly one of those strange exceptions that still doesn’t own a PS2.
    I do fully intend to get one if only for a few specific games (I’m dying to play Shadow of the Colossus) but the only way the $99 price is going to affect me is if that in turn causes used system prices to go down as well because I’m not really feeling the need to get a brand new one. My local non-gamestop store sells used PS2s for about 30 dollars. I tried to get one a few weeks ago but they didn’t have any left, so at this point it’s just a matter of getting my hands on one from that shop.

  2. Jason T Avatar

    I would get one and save it so when my current one dies I can still play my ps2 games.

  3. Joey B Avatar
    Joey B

    Well, our original system died a year or two ago, and we bought a new one, which is still working fine.

    It’s nice to know that it is out there for a decent price now, though – Especially since I’m heading to college this fall, and I really don’t think my brother would appreciate me taking ours with me.

    Of course, I’d rather just track down a backwards compatible PS3…

  4. Laserkid Avatar

    you know, the 99 dollar pricepoint is cool and all, but I’ve already got one PS2, and I got it “late” as is (late 2004). Its a fine system but, me being an utter and complete Nintendoholic, it tends to stay in the background for me.

    I mean, even when the PS1 hit fifty dollars before it died, while I always thought it an absolutely hilarious price point, it didn’t really entice me gaming wise. Though in fareness the ONLY console I ever duplicated on was the original NES (I have a regular one and a top loader, my mom has one, my sister had one I think too).

  5. Steve Roderick Avatar

    i totally dont mind the price, i need a new ps2 due to the first controller port breaking.

    but seeing as im from australia im sure the price would be over 99.

  6. PB Avatar

    I would get one and save it so when my current one dies I can still play my ps2 games.

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