Adults Can’t Play “Animal Crossing”…!

One of the biggest stories going around the blogs today is a bit of fantastic “journalism” by ABC 17 News with the following specific quote by investigator Andy Anderson (as taken from Game Politics) really striking a nerve:

“There is no reason an adult should have [Animal Crossing: City Folk],” says Andy Anderson, Mid-Missouri Internet Crimes Task Force.

Wow. The wife and I were utterly enthralled by the “first” (yes, I am aware of the Japanese Nintendo 64 version) game on the Gamecube… at least until I beat her in paying off my mortgage, and we realized there was no end-game beyond that. I then found myself completely absorbed into my Wild World on the DS trying to catch all of the fish, pay off yet another mortgage, keep my neighbors from leaving town, etc.

I have not had a chance to get into it with some City Folk, especially since nearly all reviews state that for its third (fourth) iteration, Nintendo has not brought anything new to the table. That does not mean, however, that I suddenly feel that adults have no reason to be playing these games, and should somehow come under suspicion of perverted wrong-doing for doing so.

Yes, the point of these stories is to frighten the begeezus out of parents. Yes, mainstream media almost always gets it wrong. Yes, Animal Crossing is a cutesy game. Yes, you should be worried if someone misses a real-life mortgage payment because they are busy fending off Tom Crook Nook.

But seriously? They’re a pedophile if they play Animal Crossing…?

Anderson says adults playing “animal crossing” and similar games are likely doing it for the wrong reasons.

Those parents who Nintendo originally marketed the game to so they could trade messages with their children in the off-hours while one’s at school and the other is home or at work? Bad, bad, bad people.

Sound off, everyone.

(Also, yes, I’m changing around the look of the blog. It is nowhere near finished, but it is a start. Additionally also as well too, more Street Fighter writings to come as promised.)





4 responses to “Adults Can’t Play “Animal Crossing”…!”

  1. R_Man Avatar

    Wow. I am flabbergasted by how ignorant someone involved with regulating law enforcement on the internet is. It seems they just took some ultra-conservative cop, who isn’t in touch with tech-culture and taught him how to do just what he needs to do his job so that he still bends to the will of his superiors without question.

    Also, every time you link to an article, I find a brand-new site I have to keep up on. Damn you!

  2. Tekkaman-James Avatar

    I have played every version of Animal Crossing to date (yes, even the N64 version briefly). You have to give Nintendo credit for tricking me into buying the same game three times. But, regardless, it sucks me in every time. Nintendo has a magical way of taking game genres I would normally never play and tricking me into loving them. Animal Crossing did this with the life-simulator genre, Pikmin did this with the RTS genre, and Metroid Prime did that with the FPS genre.

    How anyone could make the close-minded assumption that something cute is automatically for kids is ridiculous. This is the same kind of foolish mentality that tells people that cartoons and comic books are automatically for kids.

    While Animal Crossing is certainly kid-friendly, that hardly makes it kid-only. These shocking statements in that article were clearly written by someone who doesn’t play games or, at the very least, hasn’t played Animal Crossing. When is society going to learn that just because you get older doesn’t mean you have to cast aside the things you held dear in your youth?

  3. TriforceCaptre Avatar

    If this weren’t completely rediculous nonsense I’d feel very offended by this.
    I’m not playing this for the right reasons just because I’m an adult? Funny, here I thought you were supposed to fish, catch bugs and dig up dinosaur bones for the museum and upgrade your house and *goes on and on about in game activities that are totally innocent and fun*.

    First there was that group coming out against MadWorld for tainting the Wii’s “family friendly” image (despite games like Scarface, Godfather and No More Heroes coming out way before it) and now we have this jerk.
    When it rains it pours.

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