Grammatical Insanity

If there is anything that drives me nuts more than basic grammatical errors in so-called “professional” publications (whether they be “in real life” or online), I have not yet discovered what this additional insanity-maker could be.

A little part of me dies on the inside (in addition to the part that wants to get up and punch a brick wall) every time I see the wrong it’s/its and they’re/there/their. Just as horrific to me is when people add an apostrophe into a word when they are simply trying to make it plural.

You are not reading multiple book’s, you are reading multiple books. Nothing is belonging to the books. They belong to you.

Speaking of books, my buddy Andrew picked me up Eats, Shoots & Leaves a while back. I thoroughly enjoyed it, since I realized that I was not alone in the world with these feelings of rage (not that Andrew shares these feelings… his grammar ranges between wonderful and incomprehensible). The problem is that I simply do not know what to do with myself and this rage. It is impossible to change the world, and it is impossible for me to never encounter these errors that drive me to (non-literal; I’m just making a blog post) insanity.

I cannot even imagine what copy-editors and other similar professionals go through in their daily lives.

That’s a non-referral Amazon link up above, by the way. I do not want any money. I just want people to learn and share in my internet rage.






2 responses to “Grammatical Insanity”

  1. Zain Kapadia Avatar
    Zain Kapadia

    I know what you mean, my MATHS teacher, even, used “it’s” instead of “its” for a possesive it, and then everyone in my class my fun of me for trying to correct the teacher and be a grammar nerd (not that I’m disagreeing with it….)

    If only English was entirely phonetic with only exceptions being for homophones.

  2. Forgotten Hero Avatar

    There, their, and they’re mistakes boil my blood the most.
    I have a bigger problem with spelling and capitalization errors online. I’m ok with people just saying lol or wtf, but misspelling daily English words is inexcusable. Firefox does have spell check, for free. Make a little effort please and download it.

    Well, you can’t control the world Mike, but you can control all the websites you own. At least you can exercise your rage there. 😉

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