Foreign Things Confuse Me

I am back from the Honeymoon! We went on a cruise to Spain / Italy / France, and I am going to have a ton of pictures and stories to share (especially from Pompeii). In the meantime, I have something simple.

This question goes out to all you Europeans out there. I should probaby have figured this out on my own (or just asked Andrew), but it gives me an excuse to use the WordPress iPhone app and put up a picture.

So anyway, what the Hell is that thing on the right of the toilet?

There was a regular sink across from it all, so I’m at a loss. Am I supposed to pee into it? It looks like another sink, but it is so low to the ground. Maybe to wash my hands if I fall? Or vomit into if I am super drunk and can’t get off the bathroom floor?





5 responses to “Foreign Things Confuse Me”

  1. Ryan Avatar

    It’s a Bidet ( – it saves Europeans a lot on toilet paper!

  2. Magica Avatar

    I envy you for going to Italy, and even more that you went to Pompeii. T_T

  3. Jaime/Karasuhebi Avatar

    Sort of looks like a bidet to me. Kind of different from the one in my parents’ bathroom, but same concept. I think it’s a European thing, but I’ve seen it a lot in Hispanic houses, too.

    -Jaime D.

  4. KoShiatar Avatar

    Oh my gosh! You mean you really didn’t know what a bidet is and how you should use it?
    I find it funny because being Italian, I can hardly think about a bathroom without it. Once you grow up with it you can’t do without, it’s a great help for personal hygene.

  5. KoShiatar Avatar

    (Altough on a second thought, the lid for covering the bidet is totally new, even for me).

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