I don’t know what to title this. “E-mail and parents”…?

So for the last many years, I occasionally receive spam specifically geared towards a car enthusiast. Nothing strange here, but keep reading.

Let it be known that my dad owned a Corvette for a while, and thought he was the super-awesome car guy. He got rid of it a few years ago, mostly because he didn’t really have a whole lot of time to actually enjoy it besides pumping money into it to keep it clean and shiny.

I’ve told him time and time again that it’s not OK to use my e-mail address to sign up for extra entries on sweepstakes, mailing lists for coupons at the local car supply stores, etc. I understand that he really wants to win those things, but it’s not NOT a big deal ‘cuz pressing “DELETE” on the keyboard wears a little thin after a while (spam filters are only so good, blah blah blah). It’s certainly slowed down lately, but I occasionally get one that reminds me that he’s still doing this stuff.

Today I received an offer for a complimentary car inspection from a dealership down the street from him in Richmond, Virginia (note that I live in New Jersey). This clearly says to me that he’s still using my e-mail address to sign up for things.

What does this mean? What does it say? He’s the type of person who types full URLs into the search bar, and also didn’t understand why it wasn’t OK for me to “just put in a little higher bid” on one of his eBay auctions to force the other guy to bid more. It’s not like he’s a bad guy, or anything (though he would be extremely defensive if I called him on it, again). So what is it? Are we just so in tune with the internet and its associated culture that we don’t even know how to explain these concepts and best-practices? Are they that foreign to people? Or are some people just inherently inconsiderate, regardless of the context?





3 responses to “I don’t know what to title this. “E-mail and parents”…?”

  1. DesireCampbell Avatar

    Sounds like he just doesn’t understand, and probably won’t ever really get it. Best thing to do is give him his own email. *shrug* Not that he’s checking it anyway.

  2. VegettoEX Avatar

    Oh, he’s got his own e-mail address, which he does indeed check and use. I’m fairly sure he’s just always used mine as a “bonus”/second one to sign up for things with.

  3. Krezos Avatar

    Can’t he just create a second email address for himself? If my Dad did that I would probably go ape-poop.

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