Direct Visit or RSS Reader?

I suppose this is something I could get answers to if I felt like looking at and analyzing some server logs, but comments are much more interesting.

For this blog (as well as vgconvos, and perhaps any other blogs you read)… are you directly visiting the website, or are you reading it in some type of RSS reader (be it Google Reader, an e-mail client, or something else)? Why? Does it affect whether or not you’ll come leave a comment on a blog?






5 responses to “Direct Visit or RSS Reader?”

  1. Kevin Leaver Avatar
    Kevin Leaver

    I usally go right to the site to read the blog. I only leave a comment when I feel that I need to add my opinion.

  2. Brakus Avatar

    I read it from an RSS reader (Google Reader, in fact). Usually, if the headline is enticing, I click it and check out what you have to say.

  3. DesireCampbell Avatar

    I get updates through Google Reader for most of the websites I keep up with, and tend to visit the actual sites about half the time (usually because the RSS doesn’t contain the full text/image/video).

    Though, for your myriad of sites, Mike, I tend to go straight to the page in question because I might have something to comment about.

  4. Willie Mejia Avatar

    I visit this site directly, and no, it doesn’t affect wether or not I leave a comment. It’s just that I haven’t seen anything to comment on yet, besides this. I will comment more in the future though!

  5. Jaime/Karasuhebi Avatar

    I’m with Desire on this one. I read all of the updates on the sites I follow through RSS using Google Reader. (Why doesn’t DaizEX have a feed?!?!) I read the post right from gReader 50% of the time. The other 50% of the time, when the post is too long, I middle-click on it and when I’m doing going through my feeds, I’ll go back and read the full article on the site.

    Oh and no, reading through an RSS reader doesn’t affect how/when I comment. If I want to say something, you can bet your ass I’ll come to the site and say it. 😛

    -Jaime D.

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