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Top 10 PS2 Games I Own And Have Never Played

I promised this way back on episode two of the podcast, and haven’t gotten around to tossing it together until today. I have finally put up my “Top 10 PS2 Games I Own And Have Never Played” over in the Top 10 Games section. I was thinking about also doing a similar list for the DS soon, too (though it might be a Top 5). How about you all? Got any large collections with stuff you haven’t touched?

Conversation 003: Peripherals & The Top Ten Peripheral-Based Games

Here we are with episode three of the podcast! It’s somewhat strange that episode two went up right before an anime convention, and here we are ready to take off to Anime Weekend Atlanta this week and the podcast is done…

This time around we wanted to talk about peripherals and peripheral-based gaming. Whether it’s the NES Zapper or even all the way through today with the various music games, peripherals have certainly evolved over time. What were some of our favorite ones, and how did they change the industry (if at all)?

In addition to all that, be sure to also read along with our Top 10 Peripheral-Based Games. It’s an interesting list, and probably includes a couple games you had either forgotten about, or WANTED to forget about!

We brought on our buddy Bryce this show to talk things out with us. He’s actually over at Otaku Generation every week doing that podcast, so if you like what he has to say, be sure to check him out over there. We’ll definitely have him back on in the future.


That’s it for us this time around. I’ve personally got a wedding to attend next month (that being my own), so we’ll try to figure out exactly how we’re going to handle the next episode. Maybe it’ll be a short episode, maybe it’ll be even longer… who knows?! Until then, enjoy this episode, and we’ll catch you soon for some more regular blog posts.

Conversation 002: Backwards Compatibility & The Top Ten Games We’ve Never Played

I told you I’d get this done before Otakon! OK, so we’re leaving for the convention later today, but that’s still on time…

That’s right, the second episode of our show is all up and ready for listening. We had an awesome time with this one, and I think that’s reflected in the content of the show. This month we took a look at backwards compatibility: what is it, how does it affect us as gamers, and where on Earth is is heading? We go all the way from the very beginning of console gaming, up through today and various, confusing SKUs that have either full, half, or no backwards compatibility what-so-ever.

In addition to that, you’ll hear a little bit about some updates in our gaming lives (new systems, beaten games, etc.), as well as our Top 10 list… The Top 10 Games We’ve Never Played. That’s right… after trying to establish some credibility in the first episode, we’re completely destroying all chances of that with this list.

Enjoy! See you down in Baltimore, or see you next month on the show!

(I owe you guys the top ten list of the PS2 games I own and have never played… that’ll come soon! Don’t worry!)

Conversation 001: Introductions & Our Mutual Top 10 Games

We have finally done it! The first episode of our podcast is available for download!

While we apologize in advance for some of the IE-only display problems, we simply could not wait on debuting the show any longer. Some random pages may also be found in a state of near-completion. Myself, Jeff, and Andrew have been really excited about doing this for so many months. We have these types of conversations all of the time, and it made such perfect sense to turn it into a new podcast series.

Oh, right… hello, there!

My name is Mike.  I typcially go by “VegettoEX” on these here intartubez.  My main podcasting gig is actually over at a DragonBall website that I have been running for over a decade.  Jeff comes to us from around the corner from me, but also from guest appearances on my show, as well as his own indie-music podcast.  Andrew comes to us from many years of chillaxing with video games throughout high school, college, and our post-educational adult lives.

With this first episode, we do some additional introductions (covering all sorts of aspects such as current gaming, consoles owned over the years, and gaming habits and their evolutions), as well as go over our “Mutual Top 10 Games”. What does this mean, you ask? The three of us came up with our own, individual lists of our favorite games. We came together not knowing what the others listed, and fought long and hard until we were both (a) exhausted, and (b) satisfied with the result. You can read all of our individual lists (as well as the mutual list) right here on the site, an added bonus for checking us out.

Until the podcast shows up in the iTunes store, you can see other subscription methods on the “Podcasts” page, and can also just subscribe to the general feed of the site:

We thank you for waiting so patiently for this episode to come out. We are psyched to have you with us, and we will work hard on making future episodes as engaging as they can be. Drop us a line; we can’t wait to hear from you.

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