More DBZ Fan Entitlement Issues

I just threw out a quick tweet about this, but I wanted to share a little more detail about the situation.

Since about July 12th, we have known that the upcoming PS3/360 game DragonBall: Raging Blast will have a new vocal theme song performed by Hironobu Kageyama called “Progression“. Listings for a CD single of the song only began appearing online on September 27th. The game is not due out until November 10th (North America) / November 12th (Japan). The CD single is not due out until November 25th.

Here is just a taste of some of the most recent search engine referrals over on Daizenshuu EX:

  • raging blast theme mp3
  • dragon ball raging blast progression
  • dragon ball raging blast op song download
  • hironobu kageyama progression download
  • progression raging blast
  • progression kageyama hironobu mp3

To be fair, not all of the above-listed searches were specifically for an illegal download of the song. Also to be fair, the song has been featured in a limited capacity in trailers for the game; in fact, I was able to sample out a very short version of it to use as the closing for a recent podcast episode.

But seriously? We are months out from the game’s release and the song’s physical release. These people really think they are going to find a download of it? And with those kinds of terrible search queries…?!






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  1. VenomSymbiote Avatar

    Now, this is coming from a guy who has downloaded lots of things over the 2 years I’ve been active online (I think Jeff and I have a lot in common),

    This is the internet. In all honesty, i would imagine that it must be out there in some form. It’s become almost impossible to not find something in the internet.

    But darn it, if you’re going to search, then A) Do it with good search queries (I stopped using those quite some time ago…) and B) Wait until it’s actually out! That would be extremely smart.

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