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Podcast Episode 003: Dumping Ground

Wow. Whoda thunk that episode three would be out so soon when there were two months between one and two…? I know I certainly didn’t! Them’s the breaks here, though. When Jeff and I get together and there are microphones in front of us, something is going to come out. And end up in an RSS feed.

What you’re about to hear is a little bit of an experimentation on a few different fronts. The beginning of the episode (the “meat” of the episode, if you will) was actually recorded after all of the other stuff, which in this case is the end of the episode. Follow all that?

In a nutshell, Jeff is working to revive Lo-Fidelity (his music review/appreciation podcast), and we were farting around with my mixer and his MacBook Pro to test levels and all that kind of boring pre-recording stuffage. We ended up amusing ourselves in the process and were wondering what to do with all of that material. I suggested we just dump it over here on WTF EX, and then further decided that rather than just dump it, let’s record an “intro” to it and make it an actual episode. Furthermore, let’s not edit a damn thing other than dragging it into the production timeline and creating transitions between the “segments”.

So here you go. If you ever wanted to hear us completely unedited, uncut, and uncensored (but thankfully not in a cropped-widescreen presentation), this is it. I hold myself absolutely non-responsible for anything I said, and instead place all of the blame of Jeff. What you’re about to listen to is the ramblings of one man who had already recorded an entire normal podcast, and another who’s itching to record his own.

You have been warned. Please enjoy.

Just a typical first post.

I decided to set up an actual blog for me… “me” being VegettoEX. Hi. Nice to meet you. Actually, though… if you’re reading this, chances are you know who “VegettoEX” is.

This won’t be for trivial nonsense posts (you can follow the Twitter for that). I have a bunch of semi-professional but non-corporate writings I would like to do, and they just don’t really fit in anywhere else. I wanted to set up as a central place to list the majority of things I’ve been involved with, and this seemed like as good a place as any to set up such a blog. I have plenty of other places I hang out online with friends and write various things, but it seems like if I’m going to be online in some position of notoriety for over ten years, I should at least have a standard blog with my alias attached to it.

This will probably stay looking like a pretty standard WordPress install for at least the foreseeable future. Since my day-job consists mostly of design/re-design/content-management work on these here tubes, it takes a lot of dedication and non-existent free-time to want to do it for personal things…! Perhaps that’s just a series of excuses to justify it for myself, but I feel it’s at least partially true.

So anyway, it’s good to have you here. Read along, subscribe, post some comments; the things I’ll be expunging from my head and writing down will be meant to be and intended as conversations. I’m very big on “conversations”. You can probably tell from the podcast I’ve already been doing for nearly three years, as well as the upcoming one with the word itself in the title (wowzers, sneak-peak of a broken website…!).

Later, all.  You know where to find me.

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