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Random DBZ Image: #001

I’ll probably do this from time to time… mostly because it amuses me. And that’s really all that matters in this world.

Freeza Pointing (DBZ episode 054)

Caption, anyone?


  1. An “Uncle Sam wants you” joke? A “pull my finger” joke? “Does this look infected to you?” I’ve got nothing.

  2. Looks like Freeza has been playing Phoenix Wright games a little too long.

    (Also, see this: – if you’re easily amused, you will like.)

  3. Freeza wants you for his tyrannical army!

  4. You have something in your eye, lemme get it out for you.

  5. “I know it says ‘Do Not Push,’ but damn it… it’s just too tempting…”

  6. Freeza: Your shoe laces are untied

    Goku: That didn’t work in the dub and it’s not gonna work here.

  7. The Time Traveller

    June 24, 2009 at 4:32 am

    “Smell my finger!”

    It smells of death.

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