Podcast Guest Appearances: 2021 Catch-Up Edition

It is I, killer of podcasts.

It seems that when I show up on someone else’s podcast, there’s a significant chance that podcast will end soon after. I wonder if that’s why people stopped asking me to come on their shows? It can’t be that I’m a terrible and unlikable guest, right?

Welp, as I reflect on all that, here are some things you may have missed (embeds where available):

September 2017: LongThoughts with Baloo – Interview / Journey to the West

I really enjoyed the opportunity to talk about Journey to the West here, and specifically sharing my thoughts on the poetry and how it shapes that story in a way that the abridged versions just can’t compete with. I recorded a follow-up to this show as a joint-interview with Heath and… uhh… I don’t… know that it ever actually got released…? I’m glad I kept and archived this episode!

July 2018: Fresh Geek Context – Interview

Josh and Jace invited me on to talk anything and everything Kanzenshuu and beyond. I really enjoyed the conversation, and very much appreciate the invite. There’s some solid behind-the-scenes insight here, if I do say so myself!

September 2019: Fresh Geek Context – “Nine” (Blink-182) Album Review

Josh and Jace had me back on to flex some musical-reviewing-chops as we took on Blink’s 2019 album Nine, the second (uhh well kinda third if you count the extended edition of California…?) with Matt Skiba in the lineup.

August 2020: Motion City Podcast – “1000 Paper Cranes”

Longtime friend and fan of the various websites Naaim and his co-host Jacob invited me onto their “review every Motion City Soundtrack song” podcast series, and me being me, I chose a random b-side because of course I would.

June 2020: Up on the Lookout – Dragon Ball Trivia / etc.

Lawrence (“MasakoX”) has been a longtime friend and supporter of Kanzenshuu, so I was happy to be invited to chat on his own show. We recorded an entirely separate discussion that seems to have gotten scrapped on the cutting room floor somewhere along the way; not sure if I was just terrible, derailed it, or what, but what remains is still a good listen!

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