Final Fantasy XIV #EorzeaIRL Runner-Up

Dragon Ball. Final Fantasy XIV. Can’t do anything else. This is my life, and it’s ending one duty roulette at a time.

So Square-Enix and the FF14 team started up a contest called #EorzeaIRL. The basic idea was to take a photo of something “in real life” that looked like or reminded you of a location in Eorzea (the setting for the game). I’ve been lucky enough to take some pretty spectacular vacations, so I figured I’d have something worthwhile to toss into the mix.

I remembered an hour before the contest closed to submit something. Whoops. I probably could have found something better, but this is what I came up with:


On the left is a bit of ruins from Costa Maya in Mexico. On the right are the stairs leading down to the entrance to the Tam-Tara Deepcroft dungeon in the Central Shroud (with me waving at the camera like a doofus).

Obviously there are no walls surrounding the Costa Maya ruins, but I felt like the colors and overall structure seemed really darn similar enough to give it a try.

And hey, I got a runner-up award! I actually already own the Blu-ray soundtrack for A Realm Reborn and probably would have just tossed it on eBay, so perhaps it is for the best that I did not win one of the grand prize selections. I just received the confirmation asking for mailing info today, so I am definitely looking forward to seeing what the bag looks like when it comes in.

Definitely a cool little contest, and I am glad I entered!







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  1. Randy Avatar

    Did we ever get to see what your runner up prize looked like?

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