Pojo Blatantly Steals Daizenshuu EX Article

I live in the real world. Let’s all be honest, here — the web exists as it does today because people lift content from each other. News aggregators, forums, social networking… today’s Internet is a fuster cluck of occasionally-attributed content reposted and repurposed. For the most part, I subscribe to the Techdirt view on content “borrowing” — if my content is good and you take it, more people are experiencing/reading/hearing my content, and that can only mean good things for me. It can mean one of two things for you (“you” being the “borrower”), though: (1) you become viewed as a valuable source of content filtering and presentation, or (2) you look incredibly stupid.

Let’s share an example of #2, shall we?

I received an e-mail this morning from someone named Brad, apparently one of our visitors over at Daizenshuu EX, with the subject header “Pojo ripped your Dragon Box article.” Assuming that Pojo was still an incomplete and haphazardly-run shell of a website made in 1999, I was pretty intrigued by what I was about to see.


Look familiar to you? It should… minus the broken images and removed-introduction, of course.


That’s pretty astonishing to me. I can totally understand the viewpoint of some punk kid taking an article from another website and posting it up on his own, especially one so uneducated as to not hot-link the images. What takes it to a new level is the deliberate action(s) taken with it. The introductory paragraph about it being both a history lesson and emotional-roller-coaster is entirely removed, presumably because it mentions us by name as Daizenshuu EX right in the text. If the broken images weren’t a hint to the carelessness, though, this should take the cake:



I have no idea who “ptrunks19” is, but I think he’s a pretty hilarious guy (or girl; let’s be an equal-opportunity laugher, here). The entire thing is so asininely careless that you can’t help but roll over in a fit of hysterics. What clinches it is the main page update, which (in addition to the “article” page itself), directly attributes the writing with a by-line to “ptrunks19”:


Who the Hell is running this site? Do they have any idea what they’re doing? Does anyone actually visit this site for this type of content…?

At the end of the day, I think we all know that there are really only two English-language DragonBall websites you need to bother with, and that’s a pretty good feeling.





9 responses to “Pojo Blatantly Steals Daizenshuu EX Article”

  1. Lemmy Pierce Avatar
    Lemmy Pierce

    Are they fuckin’ serious? Too bad they weren’t stupid enough to copy down your name or the names of those of us who helped by providing input.

    Ordinarily I’d be in insulted, but so little effort was made to disguise the article’s origin that all you can really do is point and laugh at so much copypasta.

    ~Da Lemmy

  2. Albert Avatar

    Man, that’s just lazy and stupid. I hope they don’t get paid for posting these articles.

  3. Tensho Avatar

    Maybe ptrunks19 is Greg Werner’s alter-ego?

  4. VegettoEX Avatar

    Greg had stuff in Beckett, not Pojo… and he’s not a total idiot like this :P.

  5. Tensho Avatar

    Also, look on the bright side. They’re essentially advertising for you with those numerous links back to DaizenshuuEX and the forums!

  6. penguintruth Avatar

    Well, the saying goes, “If you’re going to steal, steal from the best.”

  7. Scintilla Avatar

    And here I was thinking that the second English-language Dragon Ball website we needed to bother with would naturally be http://www.templeotrunks.com/ … 😛

  8. LlamaXZ Avatar

    Man, I used to read Pojo back when I used to be really into trading card games (like 2000-2001). I wonder if they were stealing from better sites back then as well.

  9. Goten Avatar

    The last sentance is wrong!

    Temple O’ Trunks will live on forever!!

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