YouTube Comment Hilarity: Vegeta’s Eyes Are Burns

Don’t you hate it when you think you’re so darn clever and hilarious that you just have to share it? And it’s not actually that funny to anyone but yourself? This is one of those moments. Forgive me.

So a while back, I captured a commercial for DragonBall GT eyedrops off of a raw VHS tape from many years back (“many years back” being… ya’ know… 1997). I threw it up on YouTube, of course.

I lost it when I read this comment:


I couldn’t help myself. A couple seconds in Photoshop resulted in:



  1. I don’t get it…. Mike, what exactly does that comment mean and where were you trying to get at by using Photoshop on that eye-less Vegeta scene…? I get how it may be funny to you and not to us, but it’s just confusing.

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