Shocking Realization About DBZ Questions We Get Asked

I feel incredibly stupid. It just dawned on me.

We get tons of questions from people asking something along the lines of, “What was said in the Japanese version where/when [insert event here]…?” Sometimes they will phrase it just like that, but other times it will be preceded by, “I was watching my orange bricks…” or “I was watching my DVDs…“. I joked about it on the podcast recently, but the person could have saved themselves a week’s worth of time by simply switching over to the Japanese audio track on their DVD and finding out for themselves. I mean, it’s right there. It’s subtitled. It’s accurate.

That’s when I realized something.

These people are lying to us. They don’t own the DVDs. They’re watching the episodes online. They say they’re watching the “orange bricks” or “DVDs”, but what they really mean is that they’re watching someone’s encodes of those episodes online (usually on YouTube), and they’re dub-only, of course.

I like to think that we’re past the point of fans not even realizing that the Japanese track is on the discs, so this is my only logical conclusion.





4 responses to “Shocking Realization About DBZ Questions We Get Asked”

  1. BrakusJS Avatar

    I think the term “Dragon Teabaggers” would definitely apply to these jerks that get around not buying (or at least legally borrowing) the DVDs. Ugh.

  2. onikage725 Avatar

    The thing I run into most often for Dragon Ball is that whole Dragon Box footage set to Orange Brick audio setup, in mkv format. So, even the pirates don’t have an excuse.

  3. Jacob (YBM) Avatar

    Wow…jus’…wow. And it makes perfect sense, too…

  4. Rhio2k Avatar

    I would like to know something, and I tried everywhere: fans, dvds, online encodes, all that:What did Vegita and Tores/Turles say when they created their artificial moons? I mean the actual japanese in romaji. I know it’s not something that translates to a biblical phrase ripoff. If possible, could you supply an accurate english translation as well?

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