Across The Net: Daizenshuu EX Feedback

Over in my Twitter feed I occasionally share some of the more hilarious or enthralling comments I’ve seen about our podcast (and even just Daizenshuu EX as a site in general). I figured I would throw a few together in one place for easy reference.

With no real qualifying description on where the hate comes from, and yet being a member of our forum for over a year at that point, Adam / JAPPO wrote on 23 March 2008:

Ummm….. thanks?

(oh and yes I am. I hate daizex, for the record).

With a little bit of reasoning behind it (but not doing the additional reading to show that we do in fact agree with their statement), ShadowRaditz89 wrote on 12 April 2009:

I don’t like Daizex, they are too opinionated and refuse to acknowledge when they are wrong.

Toei Animation officialy lists it as an OVA. Because Daizex disregards this, I don’t acknowledge them as a reliable source.

With some snide-looking eyes, Amerowolf wrote on 10 February 2009:

Thanks to rachetcomand for the news tip, oh, and Daizex, but you know…MFG is better than those guys. >_>

Under fire from other IGN board members, pmc64 wrote on 07 April 2009:

i don’t have an account there. I don’t think anyone there likes the dub anyways. Haven’t you ever listened to the podcast? they loathe the dub.

With their head on straight, jjgp1112 responded:

Mike himself said that Dub fans make up a good amount of the board, and has a strict policy against acting like assholes toward Dub fans and Funi fans like how you do all the time.

In yet another example of people thinking what they want to think and hearing what they want to hear, King wrote on 09 March 2009:

I know Daizex will burst for anything that the japanese will pump out, even though the japanese kind of did the same thing like the U.S did…BUT IN JAPANESE VERSION.

Thankfully, Jacob was around and actually listened to what we said when he responded:

Not really. As the usual panel (plus!) explain in the latest podcast, just because it’s a Japanese production they won’t give it a pass. They’ll give DBE one viewing to be fair, just they did FUNi’s orange boxes and will Kai, but if the product is displeasing…

We smiled a bit when Brent contributed to a post on Bethesda’s Blog on 30 January 2009:

I listened to the MKast podcast while Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe was still in development, and I listen to Daizenshuu Ex’s and Major Nelson’s podcasts every-so-often.

We were a little confused when MDUNNER28 originally wrote this on 30 March 2009, but then they kept talking about our show with each subsequent post, so I suppose they learned to like us…?

Episode 170 of Daizenshuu EX is available. If you can get past the hosts’ goofy elitism, it’s a pretty good show.

Based on this comment (along with a few others) that vashkey made on 11 April 2009, Meri and I did a little aside on Episode #0174 of the podcast to once again re-iterate that just because something’s Japanese, it doesn’t mean it gets a free pass, it doesn’t mean we will automatically like it… and in fact, by the way… we aren’t completely in love with it. Once again, people hear and read what they want to hear and read.

It’s almost ironic though if you keep up with the daizex website. They bash the Funi remaster so much, but they’ve been praising Kai. I watched the first couple of episodes of the Funi remaster before watching Kai and alot of it is the same when it concerns cropping. In alot of scenes if not all Kai matches up the Funi remaster perfectly. Daizex’s predisposition is pretty obvious.

We were tickled with our description as “nifty” when Seleria wrote on 11 March 2007:

Hinode gave me a link to this nifty site called Daizenshuu EX, where there are scans of Dragon Ball artworks by other famous mangakas.

Over on the “Profile” page of Rumic World, Harley wrote:

this is a Dragon Ball site I browse through fairly often. I’m not a huge Dragon Ball fan, but I like to visit well made series-specific sites.

On their links page, Kanzentai wrote:

One of the best old school sites and it’s probably the only one left! This is one of my personal favorites because it has such unique information, and the largest DragonBall music database ever!

Hey… thanks, guys! 😛

All in all, it’s incredibly interesting to see the types of responses and comments that are out there (and the style in which they are written). Every single last bit of feedback should be taken to heart in some capacity, but when you have been doing this sort of stuff as long as we have been doing it, you start to recognize which ones are legit and constructive, which ones just didn’t do their homework, and which ones are just not worth your time. There are so many more that I have seen over the last eleven years, and I wish I could have saved more of them. I’m sure they’re still out there on the internet somewhere, and I’ll come across another batch for another blog entry at some point in the future.





5 responses to “Across The Net: Daizenshuu EX Feedback”

  1. JAPPO Avatar

    Given the time that was posted, I was probably referring to the forum, because I wasn’t buddies with a few members then. I don’t even spend that much time on the main site, so it would be hard for me to hate it. And I do like a lot of the podcast episodes.

    Anyway, I’m sorry if that offended you in any way. But if it makes you feel any better, I’ve gotten a lot worse. 🙂

    1. VegettoEX Avatar

      Hey, you’re allowed to dislike anything you want to dislike, and you’re allowed to talk about it. I will never pretend that people can’t say what they want to say. I’m not offended in the least. You would be neither the first nor last to say they didn’t like the site/forum/podcast/me/Julian/whatever.

      At the same time, I also realize that feelings and opinions can change over time. If you think it’s cool now, that’s awesome. If you don’t, then don’t back down from those opinions. Stand by them.

  2. vashkey Avatar

    Ha!! I see me! Well, just to cover my bases I wasnt trying to insult you guys or anything. At the time I had posted you guys hadn’t really criticized much. I’m very much aware of your distaste for some of Kai’s qualities now.

    I’ll admit though that I still think you guys are a bit rough on the dub sometimes although I can very much understand where you come from as the dub and the box sets are bad in a number of ways. And maybe I’m just a little to light on Funi as I did grow up on the dub.

    I was very surprised that you guys actually saw my blog though. XD I didnt think many people read it. I’ll be sure to think about what I type next time.

  3. DBZfan_29 Avatar

    Hey, Mike. I was just reading through these comments and realized that a lot of people do hear and read only what they want to hear and read! I love your Dragon Ball site and you guys were the main reason I started my own DB site!

    While I don’t always agree or “like” what you guys might say, you are entitled an opinion on a PODCAST, and I have never read anything on the site that was TOO opinionated… if that makes sense.

    Another thing, you guys never gave Kai a free pass! I don’t hate the FUNimation box sets because I don’t see what all the fuss on them is about. I myself kind of give Kai a free pass because even if I don’t like something on the show I find a way to!

    What I am trying to get at is that you and the rest of the Daizenshuu EX gang are great and are a good influence on fellow DB fans. Also, you guys accept Kai and don’t give it a FREE pass. And you aren’t so opinionated and people hear and read what they want to hear and read! While I have e-mailed you several times trying to get my account activated on the forums for months now and you still haven’t replied, I personally love your site!!!

  4. pmc64 Avatar

    I wasn’t putting you under fire mike. I just know you guys prefer the original over the dub. Sorry if I offended you, I’ve been a fan of your site and podcast for years and I’m a fan of the original too.

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