Bathroom Note

Seriously? How old are we, people…? This is a place of business, not a college dorm. Being in a college town is not an excuse.





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  1. SatoSky Avatar

    lulz… That’s gross. What the heck is porter service, by the way? I’d Google it, but I’m afraid.

  2. Forgotten Hero Avatar

    lawls, someone is potty trained very well!

  3. TanookiKuribo Avatar

    Could you imagine if you did actually call the porter? What would you do? Point to the shit on the floor and tell him to get to work? That would be pretty embarassing if you really did have an “accident”… I don’t think you’d want to bring in a stranger to clean it up, especially if your not a child.

  4. The S Avatar
    The S

    Look at me posting on an old entry, wheeee…

    Anyway, this reminds me of my office building. There’s a common restroom right outside our office door (two, actually – one for each gender, naturally). My manager got disgusted enough to actually put signs in the gentlemen’s restroom to tell people to flush the sodding loo before exiting the stall. This, however, does not seem to have any effect.

    As for “accidents”, I had one (in said toilet) myself yesterday. Vomit misfire – all over the back wall and floor. I sure as hell was not going to clean it up – especially since A) all that there was to do so with was one measly roll of TP and maybe half a dozen sheets of paper towels and B) I felt as if I might have a second round. However, I did the right thing and summoned what I expect to be our version of “porter service” – that is, the janitorial staff.

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