Who Are You?

I did a similar thing over on Twitter a couple weeks ago, and I think I only got one response :P.

I know there are people out there that are reading this, and a few of you have already commented on a few blog posts. Just out of curiosity, though, who are you? How’d you get here?

No, seriously. I really want to know. If you’re reading this, consider yourself obligated to comment and tell me! Even if you think I know who you are and know that you’re reading, respond anyway. It’ll feed my internet popularity ego.

Which really isn’t something I need, but whatever :P.






28 responses to “Who Are You?”

  1. Brakus Avatar

    C’mon, Mike, you know me. I’m that sap that gushes all over your and Meri’s work. πŸ™‚

    And a call out to the masses reading this: I know you’re out there, so help Mike out!

  2. DesireCampbell Avatar

    Oh, it’s just little ol’ me. Dez-ire Camp-bell.

    I slipped in here before the doors opened properly because I basically a stalker (shh! don’t tell Mike), having already latched on (barnacle like) to everything else Mike’s done online.

    One day, I shall be as cool as VegettoEX. *sniff* One day…

  3. Wesley Avatar

    Who am I? Not a question easily answered, but I will do my very best.

    I am a 19-year-old college student who greatly enjoys your podcasts and personal views on video games and the like (on a side-note, I was also the winner of your very first Daizex contest, for the Great Saiyaman DVD box thing… y’know, the guy with the weird three-letter last name :3).

    I just kinda follow you around in a non-stalker sort-of way. I honestly just find it interesting to learn more about the people who I listen to on a weekly and/or daily podcast basis. It makes them feel real to me, like they are actually people who I can relate to and empathize with (which is something you’ve mentioned on vgconvos once). With the birth of your new blog and other podcasts, it inspired me to start my own blog recently, so hopefully I will have as much admirable dedication that you seem to have.

    How I first found you was typical, but still interesting. I was just looking up any Dragonball news I could find one day on a whim, and I came across your site. I saw something about a “podcast”, and I was all like, “What is this? It sounds delicious.” So, I clicked on it, and you only had five episodes up at the time. I recently got an MP3 player, so I loaded the fifth show up on it, and was instantly hooked. I’ve undoubtedly listened to every single show, and I have no plans to stop.

    It’s quite interesting, though, how finding your one podcast completely changed my path in life. Once I was familiar with your podcast and got the hang of downloading episodes, I searched out for more podcasts that would cover other interests I was beginning to have (Biblical theology and apologetics, mostly). Lo and behold, one podcast I found was an actual radio show that really gripped me and heightened my interest in such topics, causing me to eventually choose to come to this college and helping to change my life in radical ways. So, in a strange way, you are almost indirectly responsible for changing my life and thought process. Way to go. πŸ˜›

    My apologies for letting this comment run long, but I just felt like saying that, and I should thank you for doing everything that you’ve done and unknowingly helping me choose my path in life. I guess it is just a testament to how amazing the power of the internet (and to another extent, podcasting as a whole) is in our new world.

  4. Jamaal Avatar

    Alright, I’ll humor you. ‘Name’s Jamaal. I’m 19 years old and reside in Houston, Texas. I have found this website through Daizex.com, which I found a couple years ago as I used to frequent the IGN boards (specifically the Dragon Ball board). It amazed me that a Dragon Ball website could maintain steady updates. Soon after I delved into the Daizex pocast and have completely fallen in love with the medium as a result (thank you, Mike!). Since everything you touch is gold, following your blog, twitter and various podcasts isn’t such a stretch, right?

    You also really inspired me to start a podcast of my own with WTF EX 1, but I lack the resources to do so (I don’t even have a computer! Currently using the Wii browser and use my sister’s laptop to DL podcasts and type long responses such as this one!). So I guess I should say thank you Mr. EX. You’ve managed to influence my life! Well done, good sir!

  5. Willie Mejia Avatar

    Gosh, this will take a while. Let’s seeeee…

    I got my ipod video back when it was the best ipod you could get, in 2006, for christmas. I was very happy, and began getting music for it. On itunes, i managed to find a whole bunch of Bruce Faulconer music for DBZ (Just type, Dragonball Z). As I added to my itunes shopping cart, I noticed a podcast that had a weird name. “Daizenshuu EX The Podcast” At the time, you had… let’s see… 59 episodes, and since I only just got an ipod, I was desperate for content of any sort that caught my attention. So, I downloaded tht 1st Episode, and took a hour or too of my day, and listened to it. I was a bit.. how should I put this… doubtful of the podcast, but I decided to give it a chance. So I downloaded all the rest, and it took me well over 6 months to get on track with the podcast. Through it, I have gone to vg convos, kazentai, WTF EX.. you name it. All that’s left is for me to win a contest!
    So yeah, that’s my story. All I can say, Mike, is thank you for doing what you do. It makes me feel great to know that there are people out there who love Dragonball Z, Video games, an podcasting, and I hope that you will continue to do so, for a long time to come.

  6. Kevin Avatar

    I’m 15-years-old and a long-time podcast listener and site visitor of Daizenshuu EX. I go by “Kay” in the forum.

    Twitter – My username is “wongerz”, and I discovered yours through your personal LJ.

    This site – I noticed a “www.vegettoex.com” several months ago on your Twitter.

    Not as long as other comments, but I would also like to say thank you for the things you do, and making my life less-boring.

    And believe or not, you and your podcast actually taught me a sense of maturity! I don’t want to know where I would be if I didn’t listen to your stuff in the first place.

  7. Taku128 Avatar

    I’m just Taku128 over on your forums. Found this place when you linked to it to plug the new WTFEX podcast. Thats it. Sorry I don’t have an elaborate story like everyone else does. πŸ™

  8. Jason Avatar

    I’ve been a fan of your work since the old days of DBZ fandom. Back when planetnamek.com and Vegeta Insane were around and kicking.

  9. VegettoEX Avatar

    Just so you all know, I’m totally reading along with all the comments and happen to be quite enthralled. If you’re reading this and haven’t responded, please do! Even if it’s just to say your name and hello, that’s more than enough for me! πŸ˜€

  10. Brian Avatar

    Hello, my name is Brian. I’m 23 years old and from Wisconsin.

    I’ve been a periodic listener of Daizenshuu EX – The Podcast since 2006. A few weeks ago you plugged WTF EX & VGCONVOS, and I’ve been following them and your Twitter ever since.

  11. Captain Awesome Avatar
    Captain Awesome

    I happen to be somewhat of a regular on your very own Daizenshuu EX forums, I’m 21 my name is Alistair and I happen to live in Australia. I stumbled upon Daizex at some point late 2005, and began to follow the site, forum and eventually the podcast.

    I guess I’m here because unfortunately I’ve listened to you enough on the podcast to be interested in what you’ve got to say about things other than Dragonball.

    Anyway, keep up the great work man.

  12. Luke Avatar

    Hi my name is Luke and I’m a 19 year old college student from Chicago. I’m just a fan of Daizenshuu that happened to click the link to this site out of curiosity. Like the guy above me I am also just interested in things other than Dragon Ball and I’d like to hear your opinions on other things…outside of Dragon Ball.

  13. Kevin Avatar

    Hey Mike. Names Kevin Leaver. JediMasterKevo on Xbox Live. I came onto this site cause you talked about it on Daizenshuu EX and also VGConvos. I think you a very rad guy.

  14. Jarrod Avatar

    Hi. I’m Jarrod, 25 years old from Kentucky. I found my way here via Daizeshuu EX, as most seem to have. However, I’m one of those ‘old guys’ in the Dragonball fandom that’s been visiting Daizenshuu EX since well before it was Daizenshuu EX. I can even remember visiting a lot of the older Dragonball websites that you’ve mentioned a time or two during the podcast. I’m not much of a fan of Dragonball these days, but I still listen to Daizenshuu EX – The Podcast every week because I find you, Meri, Julian (when he’s able to be there) and Jeff (when he’s on the show) to all be so entertaining.

    I am also a loyal listener of VG Convos and really enjoyed the first episode of WTF EX. Like I said, I just find you a very interesting and entertaining person to listen to, and I’m enjoying hearing your opinions on gaming and just life in general.

    I guess that’s my story. Keep up the excellent work on the various websites and podcasts.

  15. Just Joe Avatar
    Just Joe

    Bla, if you insist that I comment I’ll break from the usual habit of simply reading and moving on.

    My name is Joe and I live in Maine. I typically go by “TriforceCaptre” on the internets (specifically on gaming forums and also, very rarely on DaizEX). I’m 21 years old. I have four sisters, four neices and four nephews. Okay, now we’re getting a tad bit personal, time to move on!

    I’ve been a listener of the DaizEX podcast for a good long while now (my memory is terrible so I’m unsure exactly how long, but it’s been a while). In fact, you answered a question of mine on the show quite a while back and mentioned on the side that you once lived in Maine!

    I’m a gamer, love me some old school games and all the wonderful recent stuffage out there (though I’ve yet to get an X-Box 360 or PS3. Got a Wii though!) so I’m also a listener/visitor of VGConvos (among other non-run by you gaming sites and podcasts).

    I found out about Twitter through an update by you at DaizEX and I use it once in a while, not much though. Guess I’ve got nothing interesting to report on throughout the day.

    Anywho, I suppose that’s all I’m going to say. I made it a semi-lengthy post so I expect that to be more than enough to not need to be bothered to comment again!
    Nah, just playing, I’ll comment again…eventually.

  16. Zain Kapadia Avatar
    Zain Kapadia

    Yo Mike man. You know who I am? Of course not!
    I was introduced to your website via google (specifically, to your awesome transformation page which needs that Uub info).

    I listen to yer podcasts (all 3, though I still need to listen all the way through the first episode of WTF) and I might randomly give an email, just cos.

    Oh, and stop making fun of 12 year olds damnit- do you know how insulting it feels? Make fun of 8 year old instead! πŸ˜›

  17. Steve Roderick Avatar

    MMMMM Lets See..

    I actually sent a email in about this to Daizenshuu EX. it was read out but i dont remember what podcast.


    One day i decided to look for a dragon ball z podcast on the itunes store and then it happen to point me to “DaizenshuuEX” so i thought i would listen to the latest episode it had being #116

    so i listened to it and it was great. it got me hooked so then i saw the site and it was great too. its my number 1 site for all things Dragon Ball.

    so many months later. VG Convos came up which is good also. and then finally WTFEX happened.

  18. Heath Cutler Avatar

    Hmmm… I’m Heath, and I have a Mike problem. I’m addicted! When I grow up, I want to be just like Mike! (that was too cheesy to pass up)

    I generally follow most of the things Mike does because he does it well and he entertains me. I also do it to find out what he’s up to so I can try and one-up him in some way. πŸ˜‰ And thanks to him I now find myself listening to podcasts all the time. Thanks Mike!

  19. Jordan Avatar

    Apparently I’m not the only one from Maine that read this!

    I live in Portland, I’m 18 and I’ve been listening to Daizenshuu EX – The Podcast since about episode 3 or 4. I’ve recently begun listening to the VGConvos podcast (and enjoy it, even though I don’t normally play video games), and enjoyed the WTF EX podcast. Before finding the podcast I had been an occasional visitor to the website. I found this blog through a mentioned on the DB podcast.

    Also, because of a post on the site in mid-2003 I took a chance and bought “Ocean Avenue,” and my life has been very different ever since. That got me into many different types of music and is the reason I play music now.

  20. SSj_Rambo Avatar

    Hey, it’s me. You’ve probably seen me on your Daizenshuu EX Message Board once or twice by now.

    I found this blog through VegettoEX.com, which I found from Google searching Vegetto EX (no I’m not a stalker…really, I was just super bored).

    I love this blog and what you’ve posted on it, so keep up the great work!


  21. Logan Avatar

    Hello, My name is Logan, I’m from Great Falls MT. I found this place by listening to the Daizenshuu EX podcast. I have been listening since the early 90s episodes and I also listen to the VGConvos podcast. Consider me one of your loyal fans, and keep up the great work. Also since I’m a little late in getting to this site, Congrats on your marriage. Ok I’m done. Laters.

  22. Tzigi Avatar

    So I’m 19 years old and I study french philology and classics. I’m from Poland and I really like manga and anime. Dragon Ball was, let me think… my second or third shonen series ever. And then I found this blog via daizex page. That’s more or less everything that I can say about myself (or, just one more thing- my name’s Joanna).

  23. Krezos Avatar

    I live in the United Kingdom and I just had my 16th birthday a fortnight ago. I found out about WTF EX through Daizenshuu EX (but I honestly can’t remember how I found Daizenshuu EX :S). I’ve been a fan of the Dragon Ball series since my friend got me playing Budokai 3 a few years ago (I know I was 13 at the time).

    I’m one of those DB fans with a firm dislike of FUNimation and their marketing principles (and their tendency to fire out Cease and Desist letters are fansub groups). I want to hear “Damn it to hell!” when Namek-sei explodes, not “OH NOOOOOEZ”. (I kinda prefer reading the manga to watching the anime anyway- 6 minute powerup sequences / storyline smashing fillers suck. Yes, Viz aren’t perfect, but they still beat FUNi.)

    I haven’t listened to any WTF EX episodes yet, but the title made me giggle a bit, and it seems cool, so I’ll do that when it’s less antisocial (1:45AM here).

    I’m real late, but good luck with the marriage!

  24. Jaime/Karasuhebi Avatar

    Wow so it’s been well over a month since you made this post and for some reason I still haven’t commented on it. Guess I’ll do it now:

    Jaime JosΓ© Denizard, Jaime D. for short. 19-year-old (20 in dec. 24!) studying Computer Science at the University of Central Florida. Go by Karasuhebi and/or JaDe online. I hail from Puerto Rico, but I moved to Orlando over five years ago.

    Been listening to Daizenshuu EX The Podcast since the guys over at aWo mentioned it way back when, and been a fan of it since. Ever since I became a fan of the podcast I’ve been a fan of everything else Mike and his crew have done. The DaizEX website, VGConvos, WTFEX, etc. I even follow Mike, Meri, Jeff & Andrew on Twitter!

    I’ve had a couple of my e-mails read by Jeff on Daizenshuu EX – The Podcast and I’ve sent Mike & Meri a couple of gifts (some figures and recently two keychains. a Vegeta for Mike, and a Trunks for Meri).

    Funny thing, while I was reading the comments on this entry I saw #18 by Heath and saw the bit about “I want to be like Mike” and it reminded me of the whole thing about kids back in the day wanting to be “like Mike” (Mike being Michael Jordan) and then I saw the name of the poster of comment #19 and it’s Jordan. I lol’ed.

    -Jaime D.

    P.S. Mike, if you want people to post something, be a bit more specific about what you would like to hear. Like, ask specific questions. That motivates people to comment by answering your questions. Since sometimes people (like me) don’t know what to write! πŸ˜›

  25. Jaime/Karasuhebi Avatar

    How do I get a cool avatar?! O_O

  26. Sonny Aka Sunloc Avatar
    Sonny Aka Sunloc

    I been reading the blog post, loving so far, ther fun to read, I would like to know what other tv shows you watch.

  27. Dowlingusa Avatar

    I’m just a fan interested in VegettoEX’s life…and podcasts.

  28. Mykle Lara Avatar

    Hi VegettoEX,

    Long time quiet fan here. Is this thread closed yet? Let’s test it.

    Must’ve been a great plug for THIS site when people keep referencing the podcast in which wtfEX was mentioned. It’s lovely reading through all of these responses to see a very wide breadth of community joining together for what you’ve brought to us.


    I’m a time-traveller from the PAST (aren’t we all?) just coming in to say that I’m binge-listening to all of the Manga Reviews of Awesomeness with Jeff – love that guy. It’s been a wonderful journey so far and here I am to congratulate you and Meri on a wonderful marriage. …Over 10 years ago. Happy (belated) anniversary!!

    As it seems in your DaizEX adventures, you had listeners in the maybe 100-400 range back in the day. Now I can’t even imagine how many listeners and consumers of you have after the “DB Renaissance” and I would assume my little bio on a 10yr+ post would fall to the wayside behind tens, hundreds of thousands? One Hundred Thousand Thousands?

    Anyway, idk how to end this. It’s just a small appreciation post, no bio. Well, I guess for my myself, all I can say is “I am Mykle, the enlightened and a little bit the entertained.”

    You’re great. You’re all great.


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