Episode 2 On Its Way

Hey, everyone. Just a little status update for ya’…

We recorded episode two of the show over the weekend, and it is indeed in the editing stages. It should clock in at just under two hours. Personally, I think we had a pretty amazing discussion regarding backwards compatibility, and I even came around to a new quasi-understanding where one viewpoint may actually come from. That’s saying a lot coming from me, since I tend to be rather stubborn when it comes to my own opinions and viewpoints.

While I can’t guarantee it’ll be out this coming weekend, I’m really hoping that you’ll see it extremely soon! Would be good to get it out before Otakon… I’ve got enough other shows to record and edit before then… 😛





2 responses to “Episode 2 On Its Way”

  1. LSSJ4 Avatar

    Awesome, looking foward to it. Also, the longer, the better XD.

  2. Tanooki Kuribo Avatar
    Tanooki Kuribo


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