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Kids and Social Networking – Your Thoughts?

I am going to be doing a little presentation next week at a luncheon at an organization regarding children being online and social networking. The focus is keeping them “safe” in some sense, but it will be more along the lines of just being aware of what is out there, how to keep tabs on it, building the necessary vocabulary to understand it, etc.

I think the big thing I am going to harp on is just helping people understand why people join these sites and do the things they do. Once you understand the why, everything else falls into place. As far as I can tell from observation and my own personal experiences, the main reason is just selfish validation. What I mean by that is that people are using these sites basically for the purpose of having their own existence justified and validated by receiving positive feedback. Whether it’s Digg promoting things, Facebook with the “like” button and status update responses, Twitter and getting responses to tweets… everything is intended to be a virtual pat on the back to just prove that you exist.

While narcissism extends far into adulthood, there is no denying that it is far more prevalent among children (especially teenagers) and their rebellious age. It is always about finding your place, understanding where you fit into the world, blah blah blah.

What does everyone think about this? Would you describe it differently? What other reasons do people have for joining and participating in these social networking communities?

Podcast Episode 002: First E-mail Addresses

So here we are about two months after the first episode of this little side-side-podcast. It’s certainly living up to the “what I want, when I want” mantra that I set forth! While we were waiting around for Julian to show up to record the previous podcast episode for Daizenshuu EX, I figured those of us on the local mixer should go ahead and do something short and fun for this blog. So we did!

Jeff is back on this episode, and Meri also joins us, as we talk about our first-ever e-mail addresses and some early internet ignorance. I thought we had a couple pretty interesting stories, and it certainly drives home the idea that we were all stupid early teenagers at some point in our lives.

Enjoy the show, and have a great Thanksgiving weekend~!

Podcast Episode 001: Time and Project Management

(or lack there-of)

That’s right, I’m doing a third podcast (#1: Daizenshuu EX, #2:, #3 this one). As you’ll hear on the show, this is going to be about whatever I want it to be about, whenever I want to do it, and whoever I want to do it with. I have a bunch of random topics flying around in my head that I would absolutely love to talk out with friends, and this gives me an excuse to get them over here for said topical discussions.

For this first episode, I decided that Jeff (a familiar voice to those who follow anything else I do) would be a great guy to have on. We talked about how we manage to accomplish all these various things in life… things like going to work, paying bills, going out for a walk, and all those extra nerdy things in between.

I don’t really have a whole Hell of a lot to say about it. If you’re here reading this (and listening to the episode), there’s a good chance you already know who I am and have at least a quasi-stalker-ish interest in following the things I do. If you don’t already know me…? Well, I don’t know what to tell you. I’m the most bad-ass person on the planet, and you’ll be a fan immediately. I think.

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