Over the weekend I decided to load up my download of Castlevania Chronicles on the PS3. I have always been a very casual player of the series (and all pre-Symphony of the Night), and while I love it to death, I am absolutely terrible at it. I rarely get beyond the second stage in the first game, and I had a breakthrough play session a couple weeks ago when I beat the third stage in Super Castlevania IV. This was another case of exceptional playing on my part… until I realized that “Arrange Mode” had a lower difficulty, which completely drained any sense of self-satisfaction I had.

This is not a blog entry about the difficulty of the games or their awesome music. No, no, good sir and/or ma’am. This is about the absolutely horrifying enemy designs present in these games. I don’t know what that thing is supposed to be, but it scrunches up and down and jets out to the top of the screen as you get closer to it.


I’ll say it again: horrifying.