Surprise, surprise!

The three of us got together this weekend and recorded episode six of the show, had a blast doing it, and are extremely happy to bring it to you so quickly. We are easing our way back into a normal schedule, and while we don’t have a standard Top 10 list this episode… it ended up being a normal length, anyway!

Since people seem to agree that talking about the games we have recently been playing is an integral and interesting part of the show, we definitely kept it in there. We have some pretty diverse gaming experience going on with Jeff focusing on the iPhone, Andrew dabbling with some sports games, and Mike playing a few games of yesteryear. For our topic portion, we decided to turn the previous discussion on its head and talk about the new games we played in 2008. We concluded the show picking our favorite game(s) of the year, and gear up for another batch of blog entries and podcast episodes coming your way.

Big special thanks to everyone out there sticking with us while waiting for a new episode by contributing your responses on the blog posts and continuing to drop us a line.