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Podcast Guest Appearances: Early 2015

Blog clean-up in progress. Looking for something to post. Guest podcast appearances! That’s a thing!

Back in March, I helped our buddy Chris/Kirbopher kick off a multi-episode series on his “Kirblog” show all about Dragon Ball. He specifically asked me to come on to talk about the “early days” of fandom, but we ended up talking about comparisons between the original Japanese version and FUNimation’s English dubs. To spoil the conversation: that’s basically what early fandom was for me.

At the end of April, I came back on “Kirblog” after Dragon Ball Super was announced to chat with him and our buddy Scott/KaiserNeko. I decided that I was going to interact with his fans/listeners in the comments. That was certainly an experience. My working theory is that Chris’ fans aren’t used to him being challenged on opinions or follow-up questions. They’re also not used to me in general. Or realize that we’re all actual friends.

Also in April, Dustin/Innagadadavida released an episode of his “Kind Soundwaves” podcast that he recorded a few weeks earlier with me. This is actually one of my favorite things I’ve ever recorded. It was completely cathartic for me. After chatting a bit about where Dragon Ball is heading these days, we talked about Kanzenshuu, running such a giant website, dealing with criticism on the Internet, and how people are pretty much awful. But they’re also awesome. Be sure to also check out the rest of Dustin’s episodes — there’s an RSS feed for proper MP3 downloading.

There ya’ go. More Mike listenings if you need ’em.

Lo-Fidelity Mini-Resurrection: Episode 38’s Review

It’s July 4th, and that means a few things: grilling, beer, Will Smith fighting aliens, and Brad’s birthday.

Our buddy kicked us a tweet the other day saying he was listening to an old Lo-Fidelity episode. Remember that? We do, too! We actually have two full episodes (sorta kinda) that we recorded back in 2010 and 2011 that never saw the light of the day… until now. Well, again, sorta. I had edited together the review from episode 38, and we always intended to toss it out in some fashion, but just never got around to doing so.

So, with it being Brad’s birthday, and with The Early November‘s new album (In Currents) dropping next week, it made sense to finally toss up this review of the I Can Make A Mess Like Nobody’s Business album from back in March 2010, The World We Know.


(I haven’t really touched this file since 2010. Hopefully it sounds OK and is actually edited. The file name says it is. I’ll trust myself on this one.)

Bonus Podcast: “Kintoki” Review

I was just going to toss this up in the Daizenshuu EX podcast feed, but hey… I have some space over here, too, and I said I would only release podcast episodes as a part of this blog when I honestly had something interesting to say and do… and this seems relatively interesting…

In September 2010, it was announced that Weekly Jump would have a special series of one-shots called “Top of the Super Legend” starting with issue 45 and going through issue 50. Current Jump artists would be contributing these new, short stories… but a certain “legend” of the recent past would also toss one into the mix: Akira Toriyama. A little later on, we learned that the story would be called “Kintoki“, and that was about all we got.

Toriyama’s work, KINTOKI: 金目族のトキ (Kintoki: Toki of the Golden-Eyed Tribe), was the last one of the bunch and released within issue 50. All of us from the extended Daizenshuu EX and Kanzentai communities are big fans of everything Toriyama has done over the years, but beyond comparing DragonBall to his prior works (especially its direct predecessors such as Dragon Boy and Tongpoo), we never have an opportunity to go in-depth about them about on our DB-centric sites.

Well, nothing’s really stopping us.

I decided to do a fun “bonus” podcast, and invited on Heath to talk about the new one-shot with me. Much like the “Manga Review of Awesomeness” recurring segment on my main show, what we did was recap the actual story of the manga, and then dove head-first into all sorts of things: name puns, correlations to other Toriyama works, our own thoughts on this new one, etc. It runs around 45 minutes, so it’s a pretty decent length show without going completely overboard (especially considering the one-shot itself is only about thirty pages!). We definitely had a fun time with it, and if you enjoy it and want to hear more like this in the future, let us know! We will probably do it anyway just to amuse ourselves, but it would be nice to know that someone out there actually wants to listen in, too.

OP/ED: “Riding on a Time machine~サイケデリック☆55” by Hironobu Kageyama (from the album Cold RainCDJapan / Amazon Japan)

Podcast Episode 003: Dumping Ground

Wow. Whoda thunk that episode three would be out so soon when there were two months between one and two…? I know I certainly didn’t! Them’s the breaks here, though. When Jeff and I get together and there are microphones in front of us, something is going to come out. And end up in an RSS feed.

What you’re about to hear is a little bit of an experimentation on a few different fronts. The beginning of the episode (the “meat” of the episode, if you will) was actually recorded after all of the other stuff, which in this case is the end of the episode. Follow all that?

In a nutshell, Jeff is working to revive Lo-Fidelity (his music review/appreciation podcast), and we were farting around with my mixer and his MacBook Pro to test levels and all that kind of boring pre-recording stuffage. We ended up amusing ourselves in the process and were wondering what to do with all of that material. I suggested we just dump it over here on WTF EX, and then further decided that rather than just dump it, let’s record an “intro” to it and make it an actual episode. Furthermore, let’s not edit a damn thing other than dragging it into the production timeline and creating transitions between the “segments”.

So here you go. If you ever wanted to hear us completely unedited, uncut, and uncensored (but thankfully not in a cropped-widescreen presentation), this is it. I hold myself absolutely non-responsible for anything I said, and instead place all of the blame of Jeff. What you’re about to listen to is the ramblings of one man who had already recorded an entire normal podcast, and another who’s itching to record his own.

You have been warned. Please enjoy.

Podcast Episode 002: First E-mail Addresses

So here we are about two months after the first episode of this little side-side-podcast. It’s certainly living up to the “what I want, when I want” mantra that I set forth! While we were waiting around for Julian to show up to record the previous podcast episode for Daizenshuu EX, I figured those of us on the local mixer should go ahead and do something short and fun for this blog. So we did!

Jeff is back on this episode, and Meri also joins us, as we talk about our first-ever e-mail addresses and some early internet ignorance. I thought we had a couple pretty interesting stories, and it certainly drives home the idea that we were all stupid early teenagers at some point in our lives.

Enjoy the show, and have a great Thanksgiving weekend~!

Podcast Episode 001: Time and Project Management

(or lack there-of)

That’s right, I’m doing a third podcast (#1: Daizenshuu EX, #2:, #3 this one). As you’ll hear on the show, this is going to be about whatever I want it to be about, whenever I want to do it, and whoever I want to do it with. I have a bunch of random topics flying around in my head that I would absolutely love to talk out with friends, and this gives me an excuse to get them over here for said topical discussions.

For this first episode, I decided that Jeff (a familiar voice to those who follow anything else I do) would be a great guy to have on. We talked about how we manage to accomplish all these various things in life… things like going to work, paying bills, going out for a walk, and all those extra nerdy things in between.

I don’t really have a whole Hell of a lot to say about it. If you’re here reading this (and listening to the episode), there’s a good chance you already know who I am and have at least a quasi-stalker-ish interest in following the things I do. If you don’t already know me…? Well, I don’t know what to tell you. I’m the most bad-ass person on the planet, and you’ll be a fan immediately. I think.

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