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Bonus Podcast: “Kintoki” Review

I was just going to toss this up in the Daizenshuu EX podcast feed, but hey… I have some space over here, too, and I said I would only release podcast episodes as a part of this blog when I honestly had something interesting to say and do… and this seems relatively interesting…

In September 2010, it was announced that Weekly Jump would have a special series of one-shots called “Top of the Super Legend” starting with issue 45 and going through issue 50. Current Jump artists would be contributing these new, short stories… but a certain “legend” of the recent past would also toss one into the mix: Akira Toriyama. A little later on, we learned that the story would be called “Kintoki“, and that was about all we got.

Toriyama’s work, KINTOKI: 金目族のトキ (Kintoki: Toki of the Golden-Eyed Tribe), was the last one of the bunch and released within issue 50. All of us from the extended Daizenshuu EX and Kanzentai communities are big fans of everything Toriyama has done over the years, but beyond comparing DragonBall to his prior works (especially its direct predecessors such as Dragon Boy and Tongpoo), we never have an opportunity to go in-depth about them about on our DB-centric sites.

Well, nothing’s really stopping us.

I decided to do a fun “bonus” podcast, and invited on Heath to talk about the new one-shot with me. Much like the “Manga Review of Awesomeness” recurring segment on my main show, what we did was recap the actual story of the manga, and then dove head-first into all sorts of things: name puns, correlations to other Toriyama works, our own thoughts on this new one, etc. It runs around 45 minutes, so it’s a pretty decent length show without going completely overboard (especially considering the one-shot itself is only about thirty pages!). We definitely had a fun time with it, and if you enjoy it and want to hear more like this in the future, let us know! We will probably do it anyway just to amuse ourselves, but it would be nice to know that someone out there actually wants to listen in, too.

OP/ED: “Riding on a Time machine~サイケデリック☆55” by Hironobu Kageyama (from the album Cold RainCDJapan / Amazon Japan)


  1. Awesome. I always love it when you guys can come together for something non-Dragon Ball. It doesn’t happen much, so this is mega fun.

    More Kanzenshu EX would be epic!

    (Man, I hope you guys buy the domains before some douche snatches ’em up and holds it for ransom…)

  2. Eep, double post. Just wanted to say that the Rurôni Kenshin character you speak of is Iwanbô. Whoo.

  3. This is an awesome bonus podcast, pweeze do moar! XD

    Also, just wanted to be geeky and note there are 7 gold-eye peeps…reference to the 7 dragon balls(?). Not a massive point but its the first and (lol) only thing I noticed.
    Thanks for the bonus, loved the berry puns. 🙂

  4. dylanmorgan17

    June 24, 2011 at 1:46 am

    Mike you should do a podcast for Sandland, Kajika and Dr. Slump.

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